ItaliaFintech: 19 companies came together to form Italy’s first Fintech trade association

Italy Makes a Big Fintech Statement: The Fintech market in Italy keeps growing with over four hundred and twenty-five thousand customers and about €253 million in investment capacity. Outside Italy, the Fintech industry is growing ever faster. The country’s government knows this and has taken steps to ensure that Italy is properly positioned in the market.

The country has Fintech companies that are domestic as well as those that are foreign, these two class of Fintech companies have come together to form Italy’s first Fintech trade association; ItaliaFintech. About 19 companies came together to form this association and they have a combined customer base of over nine hundred thousand.

About half of these customers are resident in Italy while the others are from other European countries.

The chairman of the association will be rotated among the members of the constituent companies and it will be semi-annual. This sort of leadership will ensure that the association’s goals are always kept in mind and everyone contributes to the success of the association.

The Fintech industry can be a huge boost for the Italian economy and this association aims to do their best to harness the advantages of the industry.

Below is the list of the 19 leading companies;

  • Younited Credit
  • Soldo
  • Soisy
  • Oval Money
  • Satispay
  • Virtualb
  • Workinvoice
  • Lendix
  • Credimi
  • Conio
  • Epic
  • it
  • Modefinance
  • Moneyfarm
  • Housers
  • N26
  • Raisin
  • Fifty
  • Let’s Lose
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