Asset-Based Lending Market: Announces Licensing Agreement with at LendIt Fintech USA 2018

Asset-Based Lending Market Alert: Announces Licensing Agreement with at LendIt Fintech USA 2018

The New Standard in Crypto Security

SAN FRANCISCO – April 9, 2018 – announced today at LendIt Fintech USA, the world’s leading event in financial services innovation, that it has entered into a licensing agreement with, a crypto asset-based alternative lender. FinCryption will implement its next-gen crypto security solution for FirstBCH, enabling the lender to conduct safe transactions in the nascent crypto asset- based lending market. According to the licensing agreement, FinCryption will provide white labeled Android and iPhone applications, as well as a back end secured by FinCryption’s proprietary security technology. According to its CEO, Mike Myers, “FinCryption will be offering similar white label licensing agreement solutions to lenders starting today, at LendIt Fintech USA.”


FinCryption’s patent pending, best-in-class technology encompasses the positives from cold, hot, and multi- signature wallet solutions, without the numerous limitations these inferior technologies present.

FinCryption’s solution provides clients with advantages in three key areas: Security, Transparency, and Accessibility.

Security: FinCryption’s proprietary security technology locks down your crypto assets, preventing theft or seizure of your coins, while simultaneously allowing for safe and secure de-escrowing at any time.

Transparency: Unlike other solutions, FinCryption provides clients with complete transparency, enabling customers to verify their coins are secured via a public address.

Accessibility: FinCryption’s solution provides clients with formidable accessibility options, giving customers and institutions the ability to react immediately to market conditions, or any other event.

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