FutureBank Digital And API Banking Platform Integrates Entersekt’s Secure Connekt Payment Functionality At LendIt Fintech USA 2018

Global Kinetic team up again with their security partners and industry leaders Entersekt to make FutureBank a leading digital banking platform with additional payment features

San Francisco, CA – April 9 – Global Kinetic announced today at LendIt Fintech USA, the world’s leading event in financial services innovation, that it will be integrating Entersekt’s Connekt functionality into the FutureBank platform. FutureBank’s unique ability to abstract the complexities in legacy core banking systems and customize digital channels through its technology platform helps banks and disruptive FinTech companies work together more efficiently. The growing digital banking market in the US has become vulnerable as consumers are frustrated by poorly designed mobile apps that often have weak security implementations and limited payment functionality. The FutureBank platform can now offer converged payment acceptance through Connekt.

Entersekt an industry leader in mobile authentication and security and Global Kinetic, the development partner behind FutureBank, are experts in creating mobile and enterprise solutions – particularly for banking systems. Therefore, it is an ideal strategic partnership to innovate and improve FutureBank using the payment services provided by Connekt.

Connekt Functionality

Global Kinetic concluded agreements with Entersekt earlier last year in order to embed their technology into the FutureBank platform allowing it to support out-of-band unique device registration and soft token generation for securing online channels. Connekt leverages this technology for digital commerce enablement and includes features such as HCE wallets for tap to pay, QR-based scanner to enable payments, and 3-D Secure 1.0 and 2.0. FutureBank will now be able to offer these capabilities through the platform that directly integrates with popular core banking systems.

FutureBank is diverse in its capabilities as a digital and API banking platform. Users are able to manage their cards, bank accounts as well as beneficiaries across multiple core banking systems, from one single dashboard – hence the focus on security, authentication and being compliant with regulations.

“Our platform is designed to make it easier for banks to integrate emerging FinTech into their ecosystems. Having the ability to offer banks a converged payment capability directly from within

the FutureBank platform is incredibly valuable to our customers.” said Sergio Barbosa, Chief Information Officer of Global Kinetic.

LendIt Fintech USA, a gathering of more than 6,000 industry professionals in San Francisco, showcases the leaders in innovation across financial services including the digital banking, fintech, blockchain and lending industries.

For more information about FutureBank, visit https://getfuturebank.com/

About Global Kinetic

Global Kinetic is a leading software engineering company with a team of over 100 tech-savvy and inspired developers, engineers, designers and creatives. This group of highly fuelled people work together at Global Kinetic to spearhead and develop brilliant products, including some that seriously disrupt the market. One of the coolest places to work, this company has the nicest people creating amazing apps and products, which they do with flair and sheer professionalism, mixed with a dash of fun. Steeped in expertise*, they designed and created the world’s first fully immersive gamified children’s mobile banking app in Unity for Standard Bank as one example; in another they designed and developed PayToday, the Venmo for Southern Africa. They’ve built slick and powerful mobile banking experiences for Old Mutual, Bidvest Bank and many more. They have great offices in Century City, as well as in Palo Alto in the US. For more information, visit www.globalkinetic.com

*Global Kinetic (GK) provides enterprise solution engineering services and have capability across the application stack, predominantly .NET Core, Java or Scala deployed to Azure, AWS or physical infrastructure on the enterprise side, and native or hybrid technologies on the mobile side for Apple, Android and Windows Phone. Global Kinetic are evangelists of agile development methodologies, implementing SCRUM on customer projects and provides professional services around the delivery, quality assurance, test automation, requirements gathering, analysis, UX/UI design and architecture

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