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IOTA a unique gem in the fast moving fintech landscape: Market is optimistic about the future performance if IOTA. According to iotasupport prediction, the value IOTA will reach $11. However, it is to be noted that the volatility will continue to be present. Thus the investor should have long investment horizon as it is in the long-run, the investors can reap attractive dividends.

Downside of the cryptocurrencies has just ended?

The experts believe that the downside of the cryptocurrencies has just ended. Since, the crash in the value of cryptocurrencies, their values have taken upward trajectory. The downside risk is minimal, but the expected up side has made the investment in currencies worthy of taking a risk. However, it is worth noting that the individual should have realistic expectations about the price of cryptocurrency.

IOTA utilizes tangle, which is fundamentally different from blockchain protocols

One of the unique features about the IOTA is that it utilizes tangle, which is fundamentally different from blockchain protocols. The advantage of Tangle is that it can process transactions in parallel, thus increasing the speed of the processing. Further, with regard to the difference between the IOTA and other blockchain cryptocurrencies are following:

  • Parallel validation enable the IOTA platform to achieve higher transaction throughput.
  • There is no decoupling of “miners” and “users” in tangle.

Tangle operates as asynchronous settlement

Further, in blockchain, when the transaction is confirms a certain time interval is needed for block creation. In contrast, Tangle operates as asynchronous settlement. This means that there is no trivial time intervals on transaction finalization.

Tangle is programmed in temary whereas other cryptocurrencies are programmed in binary code. Nevertheless, the tangle can run on binary and temary systems.

Background on IOTA

David Sønstebø, Sergey Ivancheglo, Dominik Schiener, and Dr. Serguei Popov founded IOTA in 2015. IOTA hosted a crowdsale in December of 2015 at which time the entire money supply was distributed to crowdsale participants. The event raised 1,337 bitcoin for project development.

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