Former chairman of JPMorgan’s Blockchain operations Amber Baldet “Banks will arrive sooner than you think for cryptocurrency”

Amber Baldet, former chairman of JPMorgan’s Blockchain operations, said the banks will start trading earlier than they thought they would in the crypt currency.

“The banks that trade in digital currencies will come earlier than people think,” said Amber Baldet, who spoke to CNBC. He continued to pay attention to the difficulty of the legal and regulatory framework.

Despite the interest of investors in the crypto money market, the banks were away from the sector last year. Crypto money, in general, has only begun to attract the attention of the financial sector in the last few months.

Earlier this month, Goldman Sachs supported Circle announced the crypto money version of the US Dollar. The bank has also begun to consider using digital currencies on its own platforms, but according to Baldet, escrow solutions are still a big problem.

When Baldet hung up on JPMorgan in April of last year, most people started to wonder what he would do next. Baldet, on Fortune’s “40 Under 40” list, has launched a new startup. The startup, named Baldet’s Clovyr, plans to build a structure similar to an application for the projects built on Blockchain.

Regarding this issue, Baldet said, “There is currently no way to discover what is in the Blockchain world, there is no Google to find applications. The ability of the project to explore applications is useful, but there is also the ability to build them. ”

Baldet may be entitled to look at the recent moves of banks and other major financial institutions. In the past few days, CEO JPMorgan, who often misled Bitcoin and crypto money, hired a person aged 29 to lead the strategy of crypto assets. The world’s largest stock exchange The Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, has announced that it has developed a Bitcoin stock exchange. Nasdaq’s CEO also announced that Nasdaq could consider becoming a crypto money exchange in the future.

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