VeChain News Today: VeChain (VEN) announced that first ICOs on their platform will start soon

VeChain (VEN) or VechainThor recently announced that the first ICOs on their platform will start soon.
VeChain (VEN), one of the leading and not-for-profit Blockchain platforms, or VechainThor, as they recently introduced themselves, announced that their first ICO on their platform will soon start.

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The team said it would be completed on Plair’s VeChainThor (VET) platform. Moreover, they added that the Startups will provide support for launching ICOs in Blockchains.

VeChain’s CEO, Sunny Lu, will serve as strategic consultant and lead the ICO in implementing its development plans.

“Vechain, a premium Blockchain partner, is a powerful combination of professional advice, resources and community support,” says Patrick Tang Vechain, CEO of Plair Foundation. He also added that he was excited to work with VeChain.

Preir sales of Plair’s ICO will officially start on May 25th.

VeChain has been attracting attention with the partnerships it has established recently. The Singapore-based project has signed a partnership agreement with BrightFoods, China’s second largest food company. In addition, PwC, the second largest control company in the world, invested in VeChain.

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