Qtum Price Prediction 2018: Will Qtum be able to rise to $100 by the end of 2018?

Qtum, trading around $16 on May. It has jumped in the past and even rose to the levels of $ 30-$ 35 as well. In the last days, it has been stagnant. However, many investors think that it can rise further in the very near future. That is why they are trying to figure out whether Qtum can rise to $50 in the next couple of weeks.

Many are comparing it with the rise in Ethereum after the launch of the game Cryptokitties. Similarly, they think that there will be the actual application of Qtum which will be launched in the very near future as well. That is why they are of the opinion that it can rise significantly in the next couple of weeks.

Qtum is similar to many ways. It also provides a blockchain which can be used by the developers. It provides decentralized applications which are similar to Ethereum. As a result, the usage of Qtum can go up with any kind of application as well. Once that happens, the value of Qtum can go up significantly. Also, it has some of the features of Bitcoin as well as Ethereum. As a result, it is pretty versatile and consists of a lot of different features as well. This is clearly an indication that it can increase in value once the applications increase as well.

Qtum Price Today

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Moreover, since it has risen in the last 6 months, many people believe that it will rise in the future as well. This is another reason why they think that Qtum can easily reach $ 50. However, it is already down from the impulse the levels of $ 35. That is why, in order to reach $ 50, it will have to triple from here. This is possible but it is not that likely. That is the reason why, if you’re investing in Qtum thinking that the applications will propel it to new levels, you have to understand that $ 50 is pretty far away. Sure enough, when the applications are launched, it can increase by 50% to 60% but it will not triple. Also, the time period till the end of the 2nd quarter is pretty limited now. That is why in just a couple of weeks it will not be able to launch its application and gain so much traction that the cryptocurrency of Qtum triples.

If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency Qtum, it will be a good idea to invest for the longer term at these levels rather than looking to invest for the shorter term. In the shorter term, you might or might not be able to get good returns. Source: stocksgazette

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