EOS Price Prediction: Will EOS consistently rise in the future as well? – EOS (EOS) News Today

If you look into the performance of EOS, it is currently trading around $ 14.48. Also, it has increased by 60% within the last couple of weeks. This clearly indicates that the EOS is progressing more and more. However, investors are trying to figure out whether it can increase even higher. You need to understand that when you’re looking into the past performance of EOS, you will realize that it is been a consistent performance.

When you look at the levels of EOS around the end of March, you will realize that it was around $ 6. As a result, EOS has been consistently increasing as well.

When you look at the all-time high of EOS, it was $ 18.23. However, since then it has fallen drastically.

Prediction for price of EOS:

Many of the experts think that by the end of this year it will be around $ 20. Experts are of the opinion that it can easily cross $ 20 this very year as well. That is why the predictions for the EOS are actually quite positive. Similarly, Tron is also trading around the same levels. That is why investors think that Tron will be crossing $ 20 soon as well.

Launch of EOSIO 1.0:

EOSIO 1.0 will ensure that the tokens of EOS are converted to the new platform. The migration will be easier as well. After that, EOS can actually become a proper coin. As a result, the value of EOS will increase even further. That is why many investors believe that it will cross $ 20 once it becomes a proper coin. This is one of the main advantages of this particular launch.

Owing to this very reason, if you’re thinking of investing in the EOS at the current levels, it will be a good idea to invest for the longer term. Once it is converted into a proper coin, you can be sure that it will be valued much more. Moreover, the momentum will be behind it as well. When the momentum is behind it, automatically it will become easier for you to get good returns by investing in the EOS.

Thus, if you’re thinking of investing in the EOS, now might be the right time. You have to just make sure that you are investing in a limited amount. Moreover, you have to hold this investment for a longer period of time. Only once you can hold it for a longer period of time, you will be able to get good returns. Tags: eos crypto, eos currency, eos blockchain, eos cryptocurrency, buy eos, what is eos, eos token, eos ico

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