Stellar Forecast: Why are investors skeptical on Stellar (XLM)?

The aim of stellar is to provide a proper connectivity ecosystem between the payment providers and the banks as well as the consumers. The aim is to make sure that the transactions can be done at a faster pace. If indeed, stellar is able to succeed in that regard, it will transform the entire financial industry. Also, unbanned individuals can easily gain access to banking products with the help of this ecosystem. The potential of stellar is immense to say the least.

Adoption of Stellar:

The problem with stellar is that the demand is not on the higher side. As a result, the cryptocurrency has not gained a lot of traction. The demand is not matching the tools which it has.

In most of the cases, XLM holders are holding the cryptocurrency owing to the long-term potential which it has. However, that long-term potential will only be unleashed when the platform gains a significant amount of traction. There are also rumors of the IBM partnership. However, even that has not gained a lot of traction up until yet. There are some tieups in the Pacific region but these tie-ups have not resulted in a lot of traction for stellar.

There was also a recent deal with Veridium Labs which is great potential for stellar but such a one-off deal will not help it gain immense traction. As a result, the adoption of stellar as a cryptocurrency has been on the lower side. On the other hand, when you look at competition like XRP, you will realize that they are not only general tie-ups but the traction is increasing significantly as well. As a result, the value of the tokens has increased significantly in the last one year.


The skeptics of XRP state that it is not decentralized. The problem is stellar is not decentralized as well. The tokens are being held in significant quantities by the founders themselves. As a result, decentralization is not possible.

No marketing:

The development team is not marketing stellar significantly. On the other hand, when you look at XRP or other such cryptocurrencies, the development team is consistently grabbing the headlines. As a result, XRP is gaining much more traction.

Currently, stellar is trading around $ .29. It had almost reached $ 1 in January. As a result, it is fallen significantly. It remains to be seen whether it is able to test those levels once again or not. Tags: stellar price prediction, stellar lumens price prediction, xlm price prediction, how to buy xlm, stellar lumens news, xlm news

Stellar (XLM) Price Today

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