Cardano Price Today: Cardano (ADA) falls into the bear trap

Cardano has lost approximately 15% in the last one week. In spite of the bearish trend in Cardano, the Cardano community is excited about the happenings in the cryptocurrency. The current trading price of Cardano is around $ .20. The market cap is around $ 5 billion.

Recent listing:

Recently, Cardano was listed on Cryptopia platform. It generated a volume of around $ 116 million. Cardano is currently on the 8th position. It is ranking above Tron and below Stellar.

Launch of the mainnet:

Mainnet of Cardano is slated to launch in September 2018. Currently, there are only 3 trusted nodes of Cardano. It is already running on its own blockchain and the Main net technology. As a result, there is no question of any kind of migration. The main decentralization will happen in either Q2 or Q3.

According to Faircopy, Shelly release was slated to happen in Q2. However, currently, it might happen in June. Smart contract testnet release was also done which will further bolster the Cardano cryptocurrency.

Cardano price moment:

Cardano has fallen from $ .24 to around $ .20 in the last 7 days. In the past 24 hours, it is fallen by just 2%. The volumes are around $ 91 million. This indicates that Cardano is falling on adequate volumes. It remains to be seen whether it breaks $ .20 or whether it finds support around the $ .20 mark. With June just rolling over, the launch of Shelly is pretty close. As a result, it might not fall any further and can actually rise.

Even though there are quite a few developments which are happening in Cardano, it is more or less muted. It tested even $ 1 in January of this year. Since then, it has fallen significantly. This is one of the main reasons why the community thinks that it is undervalued. However, for it to head back to those levels, there needs to be a bullish trend in cryptocurrencies overall. Only when there is a bullish trend in cryptocurrencies overall, Cardano can increase by such a significant amount.

Till then, however, the launch of the main net will be a significant development in the cryptocurrency. The price of the cryptocurrency is sure to increase around that period of time. The exact date is not available but it is slated to happen around June and therefore, the cryptocurrency can rise from these levels quite easily. Tags: ada coin price prediction, cardano ada coin, cardano price prediction, cardano coin, cardano cryptocurrency, how to buy cardano, buy cardano coin

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