TRON News Today: Tron (TRX) gains more support with BITKOP and HYDRO protocol

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron confirmed on May 24, that Tron was partnering with Hydro Protocol and BITKOP. Tron is working towards creating a centralized trading experience. It is also gaining support from the community with regards to creating such application. Moreover, the Main net launch of Tron is going to happen on the 31st. As a result, this launch is widely anticipated as well. These 2 announcements will definitely be a huge positive for the Tron network before the launch of the main net. As a result, it will become easier for the cryptocurrency to gain higher amount of traction before the launch of the main net.

Hydro protocol:

Hydro protocol actually is an open source protocol. It allows the decentralized exchange-based trading. The trading volumes which can be handled are 50 times more. The speed as a result of the transactions is significantly higher. With the help of this protocol, peer to peer trading will be made possible.

With the help of hydro protocol, more secure and transparent cross trading of cryptocurrencies will be made possible. As it has been launched before the launch of Main net, there will be proper integration as well. This will ensure that Tron as a cryptocurrency gains more and more traction.

With the help of the hydro protocol, next-generation trading will be made possible in Tron as well as other cryptocurrencies.

BITKOP support:

BITKOP is supporting the Tron network as well. It was established in 2017. With the help of the trading platform, decentralized trading will be made possible. As a result, the transactions will be completed at a faster pace. In addition to that, the fees will also be on the lower side. As a result, users will be able to trade more easily.

As these announcements have come before the launch of the main net, the traction which the Tron cryptocurrency will be able to gain will be significantly higher. As a result, it will become easier for the users to gain full compatibility from the Tron network for decentralized trading. Moreover, the fees will also be on the lower side which will ensure that more and more users use the Main net of Tron in order to trade in the virtual currencies. As a result, it will be made possible for the users to trade the digital assets quite easily. This is the reason why this development is actually pretty significant when it comes to the Tron network. Tags: tron trx coin, tron coin price prediction, trx coin price, trx coin price prediction, tron price

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