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Recently, United Nations issued a memorandum of understanding which is detailed in its tie-up with iota. This tie-up will explore the blockchain technology in order to increase the efficiency of various systems. The tie-up was announced on May 22.

According to a press release, the main aim of this tie-up will be to cut down the middleman in the bureaucratic circles. This will be done with the help of blockchain technology.

According to Yoshiyuki Yamamoto who is the Special Advisor to United Nations Office for Project Services, with the help of the blockchain technology, there will be seamless communication between all stakeholders. Whether it is the data collected by census of the people or the bureaucratic circles, all of them will be able to communicate with each other quite easily. As a result, communication will be made much easier with the help of the blockchain technology. He further added that as intermediaries are eliminated from the entire chain, the communication within the organization will be much faster. As a result, any decision which is to be taken will be taken at a much faster pace which will ensure that there is more efficiency in the organization.

IOTA to organize workshops:

Iota will also organize workshops for the employees of the organization. They will be trained in the use of blockchain technology. Moreover, they will be made more aware regarding the blockchain technology. As a result, it will become much easier for them to understand how the blockchain of iota will operate.

In the recent years, United Nations has understood the importance of blockchain technology. As a result, it is trying to implement blockchain technology in various departments. The latest move by the United States is in the same regard. With the help of blockchain technology, efficiencies can be increased quite easily. In addition to that, even the present blockchain projects will take years to complete.

Similarly, world identity network created the digital identity system in order to prevent child trafficking in November 2017. Similarly, the United Nations also used the Ethereum blockchain to distribute international aid recently. As a result, the global organizations are increasingly using the blockchain in order to streamline their processes. This is a clear indication that the importance of the blockchain technology is increasing by a significant amount. As more and more organizations are starting to use it, the versatility of the blockchain will also be pretty clear for the different stakeholders. Tags: iota coin news, iota crypto news, iota latest news, iota news reddit, iota reddit, iota price, iota twitter, iota token exchange

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