Tron Predictions: TRON to realize ‘Blockchain Dream’ with 19 Supporters – TRON News Today

TRON, who is the founder of Justin Sun and has gained momentum in recent years, is counting days for the immigration of the Blockchain platform. The coin that started its life on Ethereum Blockchain, will kick its own Blockchain by June 1, 2018, and TRON investors and lovers are very excited about it.

Despite the negative weather in the market, the TRX was able to maintain a strong stance and did not fall below 7 cents in the near- edge . Currently trading at $ 0.072 , TRON has been able to add 2.5 percent to its value in the past week . Meanwhile, in TRON, which is supported by many major crypto money exchanges on token migration, these developments also make Justin Sun’s face smile.

Sun tweeted yesterday evening, 19 crypto money exchange TRON’ın support for the new Blockchain platform, he said.

Accordingly, these 19 stock exchanges were:

“Bit-Z, Bibox, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitpie, Bixin, Bithumb, Bitbns, Coinnest, Coinrail, DragonEx, Upbit, Liqui, BITKOP, Bitfinex, Zebpay, and RightBTC.

Tüm kullanıcı ve yatırımcıların da aynı token gibi göçü tamamlaması bekleniyor. Bunun için son tarih ise 21 ve 25 Haziran arasındaki süre. Justin Sun, bir tweet atarak şu anda toplam işlem hacmi baz alındığında 8. sırada olan TRON’un, bu Blockchain değişiklşği sonucu yakalayacağı ivme ile; Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM) ve Litecoin’i (LTC) geçerek 6. sıraya yerleşeceğini iddia etti.

TRON, which invests heavily in both the investor and the team, continues its activities in relation to the public in many ways, whether it be website announcements, press releases or transparency. TRON investors in Twitter think that after the passing of the Blockchain platform, prices may rise a great deal and hoping that TRON will get a great output without looking back. In addition, the TRON team is optimistic about rewarding people who support them in this way.

The German programmer Marius Gill, who made the comment , said,

“Winning a prize is obviously not very important to me. The main issue for me was to be able to take part in such a project and to enjoy these magical moments with the TRON mosque. We have been working hard for testing and optimization processes. We’ve worked hard to be better. ”

Edward Wong was another name to comment on the subject . Wong used these expressions:

“TRON has experienced serious difficulties and difficulties due to the claims of stolen white paper in the near term. Justin Sun and his team succeeded in passing the TRX again with these moves despite the difficult days. They received great support and the whole world supported them. It is practically impossible to get support from 19 different markets without creating a good product. Both EOS and TRON have been able to add value to themselves in this month’s market, it can also be interpreted as a clear signal that things have begun to change. ”

The process in TRON Blockchain will now work like this. First of all the platform change will take place on 1 June, followed by the highly anticipated Blockchain representative on June 26th. Just before that week, token changes will take place.

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