AppDynamics Entrepreneur Jyoti Bansal to help others after Cisco Systems buyout

Jyoti Bansal, waited for more than 7 years to get the green card in order to start a company in the United States. Her company AppDynamics was recently acquired by Cisco Systems. It was acquired for $ 3.7 billion. It was acquired just 36 hours before the company went public.

Different path:

He, however, took a different path. According to Bansal, he could have easily retired or entered into the venture capital field. However, he decided to help start-ups get their business off the ground. He created the startup studio by the name of BIG labs.

According to him, he searches for problems which are out there to solve. Thereafter, it creates a small team in order to develop solutions to solve those problems. Later on, you can watch them into a proper business. The 1st business which he developed was Harness. It was a software platform which uses artificial intelligence to push out the software updates at a much faster pace. The software platform has already received $ 20 million in series of fundings. He is also the co-founder of unusual ventures which is a seed fund. His partner is John Vrionis. The size of the seed fund is $ 160 million. He is also invested in various companies like MuleSoft, Nimble Storage.

The fund which he started with his partner is grown significantly. As a result, they are able to opt for bigger investments in start-ups. Also, they are able to invest in seed stage as well. As a result, they are able to make significant returns. Moreover, they are able to help the entertainers on a consistent basis. According to him, the sole aim is to ensure that he is enabling other people to fulfill their dreams. He thinks that by doing so, he will help at least a few of the individuals to achieve their dreams like he did.

In most of the cases, people just retire after selling a company for that big amount. However, it is commendable that he’s still trying to help people in order to fulfill their dreams. Sure enough, with the dedication which he has, he will be able to achieve quite a best of success in the startup field as well. It would be a good idea to keep a watch on the businesses which he is funding. The success rate is sure going to be higher than the industry as he is himself experienced in building a company from scratch. Keyword: AppDynamics, Cisco Systems, entrepreneur

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