24 Cryptocurrency Companies Under Investigation In The UK – Cryptocurrency News Today

In the UK, financial authorities have searched 24 crypto money companies for the violation of compliance processes.

Also known as the FCA; Since the beginning of this year, the crypto has been closely involved with the companies in the currency sector and has opened investigations one behind the other. While the agency does not specify which specific companies are on the radar, another main reason underlying the opening of investigations is to see if companies are working within the scope of compliance laws.

When asked about the seriousness and fate of the inquiry, FCA stated that each institution will pass through its own processes and it did not give information about which parameters to use without evaluation.

The agency also said that they would not share the names of the companies under investigation with the reason for customer protection processes, he said:

“We think that customers will be at serious risk if we tell them who these institutions are. We will take the name of the company and know the position of the action and action will put pressure on the customers, so we prefer not to share their names. ”

These moves of the FCA are also noteworthy for the fact that they are in conflict with other major countries’ regulatory works on cryptographic money. For example, an investigation last week in partnership with the United States and Canada; the fraudsters in the crypto money sector were targeted. The ongoing inquiry on 35 companies is expected to be clarified in the coming days.

In Singapore, the central bank also warned eight local crypto money exchanges to comply with the rules. The Undersecretariat of Treasury in Singapore had previously canceled an ICO.

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