Facebook to analyze and filter live video with the help of new chips

Facebook has faced a lot of problems ever since the advent of live video on its platform. As a result, it is manufacturing its own chips. The main aim of this chip will be to filter the live video content. This was revealed by Chief AI scientist, Yann LeCun.

Conventional method is not good enough:

He further stated that the conventional methods are not any good. With the conventional methods, the amount of energy which is used is immense. As a result, Facebook is working on developing its own semi-processor.

Currently, for many of the artificial intelligence services which Facebook uses, it is using the CPUs by Intel. This was also confirmed by engineering manager Kim Hazelwood. With the help of the new chips which are manufactured for that very purpose, the company will be able to filter out the live video content quite quickly. Moreover, the efficiency of the chip will be on the higher side as it will be exclusively created for that particular purpose. With the help of these chips, it will be able to filter out live video of like a person committing suicide or any act of violence which is broadcasted through live video on Facebook. Currently, as well, Facebook uses various technologies like computer vision in order to remove the terrorist propaganda on its platform.

Similarly, other companies like Google are also training AI in order to filter such content and remove such content. The companies like AMD and Nvidia are also providing CPU to such companies in order to process images as well as videos. Thus, Facebook is not alone which is trying to filter out such content. In fact, Facebook is not even at the forefront of this quest. However, the largest amount of such suitable content is arguably one Facebook. That is why it does not come as a surprise that Facebook is trying to build its own chip in order to filter out such content.

According to some of the reports, Apple, Google as well as Amazon are also trying to make specialized chips to serve various such similar purposes. They are relying on AI as well in order to serve the purpose. With the help of proper content filtering, only the content which is suitable for the audience will be present on the platform. This will help the companies stay out of legal troubles as well. Keyword: Facebook, Google, Amazon, semi-processor, Nvidia, AMD, live video

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