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Stellar Lumens ( XLM) is being used by SatoshiPay, a partnership with The Register, a UK-based news channel. Under the cooperation, Register permits the purchase of company’s articles / books as an e-book using Stellar Lumens on SatoshiPay. In this development Stellar Lumens formed an important partnership. Where is the direction now for the XLM?

Stellar Lumens has formed an important partnership!

SatoshiPay processes Nano payment transactions and is a partner of Stellar Lumens . Register, the UK’s largest technology news channel, will use SatoshiPay to sell its digital content and data. To honor this partnership, SatoshiPay users will receive 1 million XLM Token as free credits.

SatoshiPay and their advanced Nano payment system are integrated with the secure content network provided by The Register. Now it will allow physical books to be used as e-books. For beginners, “The Geek’s UK Guide”, one of The Register’s popular books, is being offered as an e-book that can be purchased through SatoshiPay. This is a tester that checks how much of a registrant’s content is served in an ad-free environment.

Where’s the direction now for Stellar Lumens?

SatoshiPay continues to develop the Stellar network-based processing system. This improves the stability of multiple XLM wallets and a better version of the use of multiple signatures. These XLM gift credits can be used to purchase e-books or to trade in different websites that support SatoshiPay. On this collaboration, founding partner of the Stellar Development Foundation, Jed McCaleb said:

This is an exciting moment for Stellar and the crypto monetary unit as it represents one of the first major uses of Blockchain payments to reach millions of consumers .

Stellar Lumens is in seventh place with a market value of $ 5.1 billion at the time of writing. Stellar Lumens is currently trading at $ 0.27, down 4.8%. With this cooperation, Stellar Lumens develops favorably on price movements. Tags: stellar lumens price prediction 2020, stellar lumens forecast 2018, xlm price prediction, stellar price prediction

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