EOS Price Prediction 2018: Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin supports EOS: The EOS price is starting to gain momentum! – EOS News Today

KuCoin, a renowned crypto money market, officially announced that it will fully support the launch of the EOS home network. The KuCoin team is in charge of supporting the upcoming EOS home network to the market. KuCoin will also provide an automated asset transfer for users with guaranteed security assurance.

KuCoin, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, supports EOS

The team also indicated that all EOS deposits and withdrawals were temporarily suspended at 18:00 on May 31, 2018 to ensure continued EOS mainframe swap. According to the official release issued by EOS, KuCoin will automatically change all assets for users. This will certainly help you avoid risks of asset loss. When the upgrade is complete, the EOS assets will be replaced and the EOS will be converted to the home network. All users will be able to grab the EOS tokens after the EOS main network is put on the market . Regarding the EOS airdrops, the KuCoin team said:

Hello, we do not have any information on this. If KuCoin will support any airdrop , follow our site for an official announcement.

A famous stock exchange supports EOS: the EOS price is starting to gain momentum!

EOS is slowly gaining momentum now

EOS is ranked 5th with a market value of $ 11 billion at the time of writing. EOS recorded a slow increase over the past 24 hours. On May 24, the EOS contracted down to $ 10.6, then gradually increased to over $ 12. The EOS chart shows that the last two days have been quite disappointing in terms of price. However, the crypto money is slowly gaining momentum now. Tags: eos price predictions 2018, eos price prediction 2020, eos price prediction reddit, eos crypto price prediction, eos token price prediction, eos price 2018, eos price prediction 2019, eos coin future price

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