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VERGE is one of the best among a large group of security centered coins and to bend a piece of the overall industry for it is central. Regardless of the clear positive value incline, XVG has neglected to ace and keep up an uptrend. The cryptographic money has kept up a downtrend. Verge XVG gained a notably increased momentum at the beginning of the third and the end of the second quarter of 2018 when the foundation announced their first ever crowdfunding campaign that was supposed to reveal the mystery partnership. MindGeek was hiding behind the mystery veil and with it, Verge came to Porn Hub as one of the payment methods, which followed disappointment once the holders realized that Porn Hub is not adding XVG as an exclusive cryptocurrency payment method for their users, soon adding more cryptos for the increased adoption of cryptocurrency. Based on the general market analysis, the cryptocurrency market might be in for another year of bear trends with the upcoming 2019, as analysts are predicting that the first quarter of 2019 will be marked in bull trends with only occasional returns. In case more benevolent trends come along, XVG could be looking at the price of 0.05$ with 100% of rises, however, it is more likely that XVG would trade from 0.006$ to 0.01$ with lows at 0.004$ and 0.003$.

VERGE(XVG) Price Today

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Verge (XVG)
VERGE (XVG) Historical Data Is it possible that the Verge can change the negativities and get back? At this time, the question about the verge is the one that looks okay and anyone can simply ask about Verge at any moment. It is the best point when one can spread FUD about that coin and this attempt should not be missed. It is a fact that we heard many news about verge and most of these news are wrong. You may say that there is always rumors about verge. This gave a point to all the coins to maintain their positions in the market and redeem their values. According to the experts, the XVG has already been dropped from the market ranking and its current market ranking is 31st. Verge users predict that there is a privacy issue and the issue got hype in the market segment. Due to this safety failure, the Verge cryptocurrency was considered as the top 5 failure currencies of 2018. Here are some points we think about Verge (XVG): It is an important question that needs justifications like what specialty Verge possesses that other coins does not.
  • Verge is one of the crypto coins that has the TOR wallet (android). According to the experts and its users, the wallet is one of the hidden features.
  • Verge possess I2P Android Wallet
  • Verge runs I2P Electrum
These are all important features that make verge an amazing coin.

VERGE Price Predictions 

Reasons Why Buying Verge (XVG) is a Smart Decision

Those new to the crypto world, but still interested in making an investment, often struggle with finding a proper coin to back. This is more than understandable, considering how many of them there are these days. Still, there are only so many currencies that are actually a good choice. If you do not have a lot of money to invest, and you still wish to make a good choice, then Verge (XVG) might be just the coin you are looking for. About Verge
Verge (XVG) is crypto that is dedicated to providing its users with privacy and safety. It is among the biggest anonymous coins that you can find. It started off as a rebranded version of a coin called DogeCoinDark and was launched in 2014. Two years later, however, it changed its name to Verge, despite the fact that it continued using the same currency as DogeCoinDark. It uses one of the most advanced blockchain technologies around, and it allows its users to choose whether they wish for their transactions to be anonymous or public. For some, even this is a good enough reason to invest in this crypto. However, Verge offers a lot more than that. Reasons for investing in XVG
A limited supply
When you are on the lookout for a coin whose price has real potential, the first thing that you should look is whether or not it has a limited supply, and what is its cap. When it comes to Verge, its supply is capped, and the limit is 16.5 billion. Not only that, but the large majority of the coins have already been mined. Because of this, the price of XVG has a large potential to jump up, since the demand will increase in time. The price is still cheap and the coin is stable
Many believe that it is only a matter of time before Verge gets an increase in value, and by that time, getting rich via smart investment alone will be the thing of the past. It would be much smarter to invest in it right now, before the market recovers, and Verge reaches the value it had in December 2017. According to the CoinMarketCap, its current price is $0.039104 per coin, which allows for the purchase of a large number of coins at a very low price. Just remember that at its height, Verge’s value was $0.23 per coin. Those who invest now will have quite a good time once the current price returns to its former glory. Also, Verge can offer much more stability than many other cryptos out there. This stability holds against the US dollar, as well as against BTC. Thanks to this fact, you can be sure that Verge is not a scheme that will only trick you out of your money. Instead, it is a serious project that is worth looking into. Privacy and security
The one thing that gives Verge an advantage over many, many other cryptos is its approach to security and privacy of its users. Many coins offer anonymous transactions, which was great at first. The problems appeared when anonymity was misused for criminal activities, which has forced a lot of exchanges, and even entire countries, to stop dealing in such coins. Verge has obviously recognized this as a potential issue long ago, which is why it started offering both public and anonymous transactions. Those who wish to send payments anonymously can use highly secure protocols like I2P, Tor, as well as its newest edition, the Wraith protocol. Whether or not the customers will use this option is completely their choice, which allows Verge to go where other cryptos cannot. Pros and cons of using Verge (XVG)
Of course, Verge has its good and bad sides, just like any other crypto out there. Its positives include fast and easy transactions, the possibility of making an exchange with other cryptos, and of course, the choice of total anonymity if that is what the user desires. The bad things about this crypto include the low ratio of liquidity and the lack of fiat currencies. Also, the value can be unpredictable at times, which makes it slightly uncertain. In the end, the choice whether or not you are going to invest in this crypto is entirely yours. Verge has a lot of potentials, and it has entered quite a few partnerships lately, and there are no signs of stopping it. It is definitely not a currency that will give up due to bearish market, and it is expected that we will see a lot more of it in the future. / globalcoinreport

Verge’s Blockchain Attacks Are Worth a Sober Second Look

The notorious 51-percent attack: it’s the major fault in cryptocurrency protocols but it’s rarely seen, especially among the most popular cryptocurrencies. Yet, in the past couple months, the exploit – whereby a single miner (or group of miners) takes control of over half of the network’s total computing power and can then bend the protocol’s rules in their favor – has been seen twice. And on the same blockchain. Indeed, verge, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency recently propelled into the limelight by a partnership with popular adult entertainment site Pornhub, suffered two hacks perpetrated through 51-percent attacks that saw the attackers absconding with millions of dollars-worth of its native cryptocurrency, XVG. During the first attack in April (only a couple of weeks before the Pornhub partnership), the hacker was able to get away with 250,000 XVG. And during the latest in mid-May, an attacker was able to exploit $1.7 million-worth of the cryptocurrency from the protocol. According to researchers, the exploits are a product of simple changes to the underlying code which cryptocurrency protocols are typically built on and the challenges of being able to predict what unintended consequences will arise from those changes. Sure, verge developers were only trying to design a better cryptocurrency for payments, but by tweaking small parameters, such as the length of time a block can be valid, the group has opened its blockchain up to attacks. “Getting incentives right and keeping them right is hard,” Imperial College London assistant professor and Liquidity Network founder Arthur Gervais said. That is blockchains are built on very precariously stacked incentives whereby all stakeholders work together toward a common goal so as to remove the chance that one entity takes full control. “Things obviously don’t look good,” said Daniel Goldman, the CTO of cryptocurrency analysis site The Abacus who’s been tracking the attacks. “The issues that initially slipped into the codebase were a result of pure carelessness — incorporating code from other open-source software without understanding its implications.” Goldman added: “I hate to say it, but if I had to summarize: the attacker is doing better due diligence than the developers. I’d try to poach him if I were them.” And since veteran blockchain developers, including litecoin creator Charlie Lee and monero lead developer Riccardo Spagni, have long argued the kinds of adjustments the platform made have obvious downsides, such naysayers – who have been readily attacked by a group of enthusiasts calling themselves the “Verge Army” – are feeling vindicated. “So many important lessons to be learned from this,” Fidelity investment research analyst Nic Carter tweeted, summing up the general state of verge’s development. Representatives from the verge developer team did not respond to a request for comment from CoinDesk. The problem
One of those lessons is that there are reasons why the window of time that a transaction can be valid is limited quite strictly. For instance, whereas bitcoin transactions are only valid for about 10 minutes before they’re verified in a block, verge developers extended that window to two hours. And because there is some information asymmetry in blockchain systems since nodes are spread out across the globe, the attacker was able “spoof” timestamps tied to blocks without some noticing, according to the widely-circulated post by Goldman. But it wasn’t just that; another piece of the attacks was verge’s difficulty algorithm. Verge uses the algorithm “Dark Gravity Wave” to automatically adjust how fast miners find blocks. In verge, this happens every two hours; compared to bitcoin which adjusts every two weeks, verge’s algorithm is quite fast. The spoofed timestamps paired with this fast-adjusting algorithm led to the problem of “tragically confusing the protocol’s mining adjustment algorithm,” as Goldman put it. Or said another way, the attacker cleverly mined blocks with fake timestamps, forcing the cryptocurrency’s difficulty to adjust down more quickly – making it easier for the attacker to mine even more XVG. When the first attack happened, verge developers quickly released a patch, stopping the attacker from printing more money. Yet, with the attack last month, it seems the patch only went so far and the attacker found another way to execute the same hack, displaying how difficult it can be to architect a distributed system that isn’t vulnerable to attacks. Continuing attacks
And according to Goldman, the issues for verge are likely not over. “An attack clearly was – and maybe still is – being attempted. So far, however, the would-be attacker hasn’t managed to overtake the network,” Goldman told CoinDesk. But he continued: “As it stands now, two of the three (in my opinion) fundamental sources of vulnerabilities have been mitigated at best, and one remains completely unfixed.” While no XVG were stolen directly from users, miners on the network aren’t supposed to be able to bend the rules like this, effectively printing money for one individual in a short period of time. As such, verge developers are actively working on improving the code. After a period of little communication from verge’s developers, CryptoRekt, the pseudonymous author of the verge “blackpaper” took to Reddit on May 31, saying, that all of the verge team would “never intentionally do anything to besmirch or hurt this project.” He added that the project’s developer have been working on new code for “several weeks” to “solidify our currency against any future attacks.” Yet, Goldman believes there’s another problem. Unlike many of the cryptocurrency projects out there today, which rely on open-source code, verge’s codebase is being constructed in private and so will not get peer-reviewed by the community of blockchain experts that could help the team find vulnerabilities. “Since incorporating code without responsibly vetting it was the thing that led to all this, this should make the vergefam nervous,” he tweeted. Verge’s future?
But so far, much of the verge community remains supportive of the developer team and the cryptocurrency’s mission. Pseudonymous verge user Crypto Dog went as far as to claim that “there is no need to panic,” contending that verge’s success will continue no matter what. And CryptoRekt chose to see it as a learning experience, one that would help verge “build a bigger and better project.” Still, this attack looks poorly, not only on verge itself, but also on organizations that have partnered with the verge team, Pornhub included. Especially since Pornhub’s vice president Corey Price stated verge was chosen as a payment method for the site in a “very deliberate selection process” to preserve the financial privacy of their customers. As such, some developers believe this episode will bring about a heightened sense of responsibility for many organizations to more effectively analyze a blockchain before adopting it. “I wouldn’t be surprised by more scrutiny in the near future, both leading to more attacks and to investors more accurately rating the value proposition of smaller altcoin projects,” BitGo engineer Mark Erhardt said, adding: “The absence of an attack is not proof that a system is safe. Quite a few altcoin projects appear to be taking unsafe shortcuts. It’s just that nobody has bothered to exploit these systemic flaws or weaknesses, yet.” As such, verge might be the first in a long line of future exploits. While 51-percent attacks have typically been viewed as hard to execute, Liquidity Network’s Gervais argued that new data appears to show that it’s easier than many previously thought. He pointed to a new web app, 51crypto, which tracks how profitable it is to execute a 51-percent attack on various blockchains. The gist of the statistics is, the smaller the blockchain, the easier it is to overtake it and bend the rules, which is why developers need to be particularly careful in how they architect their systems. Because “if an attack makes more economic sense over honest behavior, the attackers will be there,” Gervais concluded. / Coindesk
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