VeChain Thor (VET) Prediction 2019: VeChain (VET) Price Falls Below The Support At $0.007 But Sunny Lu’s Statement May Boost The VeChain

Over the past 24 hours, the price of VeChain has been falling against the USD. Eventually, it fell below the resistance at $0.007 and continued declining against the USD.

Typically, altcoins are unpredictable during the weekends. One weekend they can be bullish and the next weekend bearish. This weekend has been bearish for altcoins. Even when the price of Bitcoin was gaining against the USD, some altcoins, including VeChain, have been recording losses.

VeChain VET News – Sunny Lu’s Grant Pool Statement May Boost The VeChain

In the past week, VeChain was trending because of its partnership with the producers of Game of Thrones. In the coming week, another huge achievement is expected to lead to an increase in the price of the VET token. Sunny Lu announced that the VeChain Foundation would be launching a $500 million grant pool. This grant pool would be used to incentivize businesses and developers on the VeChain Thor blockchain. Draper Network announced that it is happy to support VeChain as it changes the world.

There are many people within the cryptocurrency community who believe that the VeChain VET token is undervalued due to the achievements of the blockchain and the VeChain Foundation. One user with the handle @danka72italy said;

“@Vechain1 @vechainofficial is really undervalued! It can explode and reach 1$ in few days!!!!! Great collaboration with governments, Italian ministers ready to collaborate and a lot of new partnership!!! A must have!!! @vechainitalia #VeChain #vet #ven #cryptocurrencies”

VeChain Thor (VET) Price Prediction

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD

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VeChain news has been positive since the VeChain token swap happened after the VeChain mainnet launch. The VeChain Thor price prediction 2019 was also positive due to the positive developments and partnerships by the VeChain Foundation.

Unfortunately, the market makers think otherwise. Adoption of the VeChain blockchain hasn’t triggered a corresponding rise in price. At least not yet. Does this mean that the price will not move higher against the USD? No, it doesn’t. VeChain VET price has the potential to reach higher highs this year and beyond. So, traders should not be discouraged about the current price action as it doesn’t influence the VeChain Thor price prediction permanently.

Keep in mind that the current price action of VeChain doesn’t make the VeChain Thor price prediction 2019 invalid. The VeChain VET token still has the potential to reach higher highs this year. As long as VeChain news continues to be positive and the blockchain keeps attracting partners, the VeChain Thor price prediction long-term will remain bullish. The project has crossed many milestones since it started about 18 months ago. These milestones have all influenced the price of the VET coin positively just like the VeChain partnerships. Source: Smartereum

VeChain Thor VET News – Vechain Showing Signs of a Breakout

According to the latest VeChain news on crypto-news; the VeChain Foundation held its first World Summit in San Francisco on April 18th, which drew developers, investors, and business leaders from around the world to explore use cases for its blockchain platform. VeChain Thor, or simply “VeChain,” has emerged over the past several months as one of the most promising platforms for a wide range of logistics, smart contract, and Internet of things (IoT) applications. Although there is no shortage of competition in these blockchain sectors, VeChain is carving out a unique pathway of quasi-centralization that may provide a working model for success that other platforms could emulate.

The World Summit was, by all measures, a success and featured speakers from companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Deloitte. Also, in addition to its many official business partners, it is one of the very few blockchain platforms to receive licensure from the Chinese government.

The Vechain Foundation that is the key to the platform’s progress. The foundation has aggressively sought partnerships with a range of institutions that are well-suited to benefit from blockchain adoption. These include BMW, Deloitte, and shipping giant Kuehne Nagel.

The professional organization and culture of the VeChain Foundation give the platform a level of trust and legitimacy that is absent from many of its competitors. The foundation serves as a central authority to the entire ecosystem, and this is the final arbiter of how VeChain operates and is developed.

VeChain’s development reflects the fact that, although blockchain technology is remarkable, the means by which it will be implemented remains very much undecided. There are, in fact, many different models for maintaining and using distributed ledgers, and despite not being fully decentralized, VeChain’s structure is growing in popularity. Whether or not this framework is capable of working on a large scale, however, remains to be seen.

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