Apple Stocks (APPL) 2019: Should You Invest in Apple Stocks? Reasons to Invest in Apple (APPL) in 2019

Apple stocks have shown quite a benevolent performance in the period of Q1 2019, recording 25% of increase in share price for the first quarter of 2019 and 38% since January 2019 to April the same year.

Is Apple Still a Buy in 2019?

With the share price climbing despite the warning that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, provided to investors and the general public, the bad news didn’t seem to affect the movement of the shares in the market as APPL managed to break the resistance of 200$.

Apple Stocks Prediction for 2019: Is Apple (APPL) Worth Investing?

In the period between March 2018 and March 2019, Apple managed to generate a free cash flow of 62 billion dollars, with 130 billion dollars in net cash, which is again one of the reasons why Apple is considered more than profitable even with the warning coming from Tim Cook.

According to analysts, even though the reports for the first quarter of 2019 may indicate operations slowing down when it comes to generating profit, analysts consider that Apple should report 11.40$ earnings per share, in oppose to 11.91$ earnings per share recorded in 2018 for the same period.

Apple Beyond iPhone Sales: Apple Services Recording Increases

Revenue generated through Apple services is said to have increased from 8 billion dollars recorded in 2010 to over 41 billion dollars during 2018, showcasing an amazing progress, while revenues managed to rise almost 6 times the initial amount from 2010.

The revenue for Apple’s services has now hit 34% of increases year to year, from March 2018 to March 2019, while combined with Apple’s products the company managed to record 22% increases in the same period of time.


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