Amazon Stocks (AMZN): Reasons to Go Bullish on Amazon Stocks in 2019

Amazon appears to be heading towards margin expansion in 2019, having analysts alongside JP Morgan expecting to see another 60 points in operating margin in 2019.

Amazon Inc already reported an increase to 5.3% in 2018, to where it came from 2.3% in operating margins, totaling 300 points, now expecting to see an even better performance from the company as revenues come into focus.

Amazon Stocks (AMZN) Profits: JP Morgan Bullish on Amazon in 2019

JP Morgan is definitely bullish on Amazon according to a statement where one of the largest banking institutions and financial firms reports that they expect to see Amazon working on stabilizing the revenue growth in 2019.

Although AMZN is doing rather well, in accordance with JP Morgan analysis, it is too early for the company to collect the fruits of labor, which is how JP Morgan expects to see double high growth and increasing margins for revenue in terms of Amazon Web Services performance and advertising.

Amazon Showing More Profits: AMZN Stocks Set to Rise

According to analysts, AMZN stock is rated as “overweight”, as the company is definitely starting to show more profitability in the second quarter of 2019, with analysts and market watchdogs expecting to see more increases in share price of AMZN as well as in revenue of the company.

That is how many investors may go bullish on Amazon stocks, which may further cause the price of AMZN to bloat in the following period.

Amazon Stocks and Amazon Profits: Expected Earnings and Targeted Value

Amazon appears to have exceeded expectations for the expected earnings per share for the in the last quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, which is why many analysts expects to see an improved performance from Amazon.

According to FactSet, expected earnings per share should be 4.70$ in oppose to 3.27$ recorded in 2018.

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