Who is Andreas Antonopoulos? Mastering Bitcoin and How does Bitcoin make us as powerful as banks?

Andreas Antonopoulos, who is a computer scientist, he analyzed distributed systems when he 1st heard about Bitcoin. This was early in 2012. According to him, he clearly understood the potential of the underlying technology. He clearly stated that it is much more than just a currency. As a result, he quit working in his current field and started exploring this space. Since then, he has authored a book by the name of Mastering Bitcoin. He is also a frequent speaker in the cryptocurrency circuit.

Global payment network:

With the help of Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology, global payment network can be created. Like the Internet, this network will not have any boundaries. Moreover, it will not be centrally controlled. It will not be impacted by political opinions as well. As a result, it will become much easier for users to spend the money or to transfer the money. Also, it will be universal for transferring smaller amounts as well as larger amounts. As a result, there will be no limitation on it like the traditional financial system. This and that is why it will gain a significant amount of traction.

Powered like banks:

This is exactly what is happening currently as well. Bitcoin, as well as various blockchain-based currencies, are being used for a wide variety of different purposes. As a result, transactions are made easier. Moreover, there is no limitation of time frame or the days on which you will be able to transact. As a result, there is no kind of limitation as well. This is the reason why blockchain gives us the powers which is as significant as the banks. Banks directly control the supply chain of money. Whenever you’re transferring currency from one country to another, it is controlled by the banks as well. However, when you’re having the blockchain, you will be able to transfer the money which you want. There will be no limitation on the amount of money which you transfer as well. As a result, it will become easier for you to transfer the amount which you want.

This is the reason why he thinks that the power like banks is provided by Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the hands of the ordinary consumers. Consumers are no longer reliant on the banks in order to transfer the currency from one place to another. As a result, they are able to conduct their own transactions without any issues. Keywords: Bitcoin, blockchain, traditional financial system, andreas antonopoulos books, andreas antonopoulos podcast, andreas antonopoulos youtube, andreas antonopoulos wife, andreas antonopoulos net worth, andreas antonopoulos twitter, andreas antonopoulos instagram, andreas antonopoulos joe rogan Source: Forbes

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