All you need to know about Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is one of the most renowned experts when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry. As a result, his opinion is widely regarded in the cryptocurrency industry.

Who is Andreas Antonopoulos?

Andreas M. Antonopoulos graduated in computer science, data communications and distributed systems from the University College London. He co-founded a research company which has dozens of clients from the Fortune 500 companies. Till date, he has published over 200 different articles related to the cloud computing data center as well as security.

In the last few years, he shifted its focus on the blockchain technology in Bitcoin. He is one of the very few experts who analyse the value of Bitcoin not just in monetary terms but in actual usage terms. As a result, he is able to shed some light on the various aspects of Bitcoin without getting influenced by the irrational price swings in Bitcoin. He does not just discuss the investment opportunities in Bitcoin. He looks at it from objective perspective. He has also authored the book mastering Bitcoin. It is actually a technical guide about Bitcoin.


He regularly speaks at the various cryptocurrencies seminars. Users often interact with them regarding the value of Bitcoin and the potential which it holds. It is clear in his opinion that Bitcoin is the underlying technology which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This is the reason why in the future, the underlying blockchain technology will be used for multiple purposes rather than just as a cryptocurrency. As a result, the potential in Bitcoin is actually immense. He also has done significant research on the topic and currently believes that the blockchain technology will become mainstream.

According to him, even though the number of cryptocurrencies are plenty but it will be the blockchain technology which will decide the cryptocurrency which is more prominent. The cryptocurrency which has the most advanced blockchain technology will be the one which will become the most popular.

If you really want to get objective look on Bitcoin as well as blockchain cryptocurrency, he is one of the speakers to whom you should always be attention to. You will be able to get a clear perspective of on Bitcoin without getting influenced by the price movements in Bitcoin. By attending seminars and reading his books, you will be able to easily expand your knowledge about Bitcoin as well as the blockchain technology in general. Keyword: Bitcoin, blockchain, Andreas Antonopoulos

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