EOS News Today: EOS mainnet updates pubhished at ZebPay

EOS main network and token transition is planned on 1 June 2018. EOS supports many trading platforms including Zebpay, which explains that they support EOS main network and token switching activity. Updates of this event have been published by Zebpay. Now EOS main network updates are available on Zebpay’s site.

EOS main network updates published on Zebpay’s site

Zebpay is the first Bitcoin stock exchange in India to send Bitcoin wallet application, the most difficult to use, to strengthen Bitcoin shopping, to have no complexity to understand Bitcoin addresses, or to use a portable number that removes the difficulties or frustrations of losing Bitcoin tokens. Using the Zebpay wallet application, customers can purchase, store and spend Bitcoin using a portable number and a 4-digit password. Today, Zebpay made the following statement:

All EOS sending and receiving operations will not work as of May 29th 08:00 due to EOS main network switch . INR will be able to trade in INR and support the crypto-crypto pair.

The EOS token transition will take place on June 2, 2018

The EOS token was first built on the Ethereum Blockchain to fund the healing . Token contracts themselves are coded to stop working at a certain date and time. The EOS token transition will take place on June 2, 2018 at 11:59 pm. So, as of May 29, 8:00, the sending and retrieval of any EOS process will not be valid. INR and supported crypto trading pairs and EOS money will be traded and traded.

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