Price Prediction: Did the decline in the price of Ethereum (ETH) hit TRON (TRX)? – ETH TRX News Today

Since last week, the markets have fallen with Ethereum , which has been on the market and has fallen by more than 5% in less than an hour. Did the drop in Ethereum price hit TRON too?

TRON price decline, top 20 cryptocurrency levels

While many of the social media community accuse EOS of dropping Ethereum, most people say it’s just a big whale. TRON (TRX) trades at $ 0.06 a barrel worth $ 4.2 billion, witnessing a 10% drop in the last 24 hours and a 20% drop in the last week. This current price drop is the highest level of crypto money in the Top 20.

According to current blogs, TRON will surpass Ethereum’s team statistically until the end of this year. TRON expects to be a strong team of 1,000 people until 2019. Taihao Fu has extensive experience working as a software engineer at IBM and having experience in developing large data.

Taihao Fu made the following statement regarding the issue:

I believe TRON will do a good job. I also hope to encourage the development of the Blockchain industry by the power of TRON.

According to a recent interview with many TRON owners and investors, TRX prices are expected to show a bullish trend, especially with the main network expected to start in the next three days. As many analysts have said, the decline in prices seems to be a temporary reflection of Ethereum and will not affect the market in the long run.

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