Why is Cardano dropping? Cardano (ADA) 1.2 update released – ADA surpasses the upgrade now!

Charles Hoskinson announced the release of Cardano (ADA) version 1.2 via Twitter account. In addition, Charles Hoskinson pulled a video to share the details of the new update. After the Cardano 1.2 update came out, the ADA went ahead!

The Cardano community was eagerly awaiting these updates
Cardano’s CEO added tweete and a screenshot, while the update features will be active within a few hours. The proposed cardano 1.2 / 0.10.0 update to the main network was accepted as 00.20 UTC on Tuesday. In addition, JSON metadata has been updated to provide users with the latest version downloads and installs.

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The Cardano community was worried about these updates. This clarification of Charles Hoskinson, saying that some of the properties of the main network have been improved, has curtailed Cardano investors’ curiosity. Cardano is a crypto currency and distributed platform that works in Blockchain technology. It calculates and processes its own Blockchain technology, the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL). A lot of changes were made in the new transition period and their change chain was also shared. Included core code changes include:

New enhancements and features have been added for Wallet.
Security and memory problems in the wall were removed.
The balance problem in Bittrex is resolved.
Problems with restoring the wallet were removed.
Arranged in the capacity of the wallet.
New V1 API endpoints added.

After the Cardano 1.2 update came out, the ADA went ahead!
The Cardano team also corrected some of the errors in the system. In addition, the Cardonu team also corrected the creation and backup of the wallet and the Daedalus issue that appeared on the “connect to network” screen after the version was updated. At the time of writing, Cardano is trading at a level of $ 0.2 with an increase of 9%. Cardano is now in eighth place with a market value of $ 5.1 billion.

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