Why is bitcoin going down? Will Bitcoin recover from price manipulation? Critical day in Bitcoin: June 6

Lead crypto coin Bitcoin’s price is experiencing a trend change every month since January. Accordingly, Bitcoin must reach the bottom of June 6 and lay the foundations of a new summit here.

Armin van Bitcoin, one of the popular crypto “phenomena”, has drawn attention to a loop in Bitcoin with a chart shared today by a personal Twitter account.

Accordingly, 6 per month for Bitcoin indicates a significant trend change. Bitcoin saw the summit at the 6th of January, passing the bottom level at 6th of February and another summit at 6th of March. But coincidences were not limited to this extent. Bitcoin, which reached a new bottom in the following month of April, also saw a new summit in the triangle that narrowed down on the 6th of May.

Now Bitcoin is eagerly anticipating a new summit in June 6th.

Leading crypto money Bitcoin today has surpassed the $ 7500 level with a leap of about $ 400. At the time of publication, a Bitcoin is being traded at $ 7,460.

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