Steem (STEEM) coin will hit the cryptocurrency market removing exploitation and bullying on social media

Social networks like Facebook, Reddit as well as Instagram have become a part and parcel of our life. With the help of these social networks, users are connecting with their family and friends. As a result, social networks have actually become a pretty dynamic space.

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Should you think of investing in Steem?

In many of the cases, however social networks have also had a negative side. There is exploitation as well as bullying on the social networks. In order to create a social network which only incorporates the advantages, STEEM has created a social networking platform.

The platform is actually a dynamic project. It operates on the blockchain system. Also, it works on the reward system. Even though many of the cryptocurrency investors actually do not know much about it but you should definitely conduct some due diligence in order to find out whether it is worth investing in or not.

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Details about STEEM:

Steemit is a social networking platform which allows the users to share the content. It is similar to content sharing website like Reddit. Also, it is based on the blockchain. In terms of the number of users, it has been growing on a consistent basis. Also, there are healthy number of users who use it on a regular basis. STEEM tokens facilitate Steemit and Steem dollar connection.

With the help of these tokens, users are rewarded to share high-quality content. Also, these tokens can be easily converted into Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Monetisation of content:

As the platform actually gives tokens to the users who are sharing good quality content, it acts as an incentive for the serious users to actually make some revenue from the social networking platform. As a result, content writers, as well as curators and even editors, are able to make money with the help of this platform. In many of the cases, Google has domination over content monetization. As a result, this platform which is able to monetize the content directly from the users is actually gaining a lot of traction.

Recent developments:

Recently, the traction of the social network is on the rise. The size of the community is also increasing on a regular basis. As a result, the trading volume of the cryptocurrency is also increasing. This has also resulted in 30% price hike for the tokens as well. All in all, the users are able to make more.

Listing on newer exchanges:

Huobi and Hadax recently listed the Steem tokens. As a result, the demand of the token is also increasing.

If you’re looking to invest in this cryptocurrency, it is important to look at the underlying fundamentals. Only once you look at the underlying fundamentals, you will be able to make the investment decision. Keyword: Huobi, steem, Steemit, Hadax, token, cryptocurrency, steem wallet, steem coin price, buy steem coin, steem coin news, steem news, steem dollars, steem price prediction, steem reddit

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