Bytom (BTM) Cryptocurrency Will Dominate The Market With Future Partnerships

Interoperability is the goal of many blockchain-based products. With the help of interoperability, there can be communication between the different blockchains. There can also be the exchange of different digital assets between the different blockchains. However, very few cryptocurrency projects have been able to achieve interoperability.

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Bytom aims to achieve dominance in the cryptocurrency universe

This is where Bytom comes into the picture. It has not just designed a digital connection between the different blockchains but even with the atomic world.

It works on the proof of work algorithm. It has a protocol which can support multiple digital assets quite easily. As a result, it can connect the gap between the real world as well as the blockchain.

Tie-up with East Lake big data asset exchange:

Recently, Bytom announced its partnership with East Lake big data asset exchange. With the help of this partnership, it was able to digitize the assets and present them on the blockchain. As a result, it was able to digitize the assets quite easily. As a result, it is one of the most promising blockchain-based projects.

If indeed, it is able to digitize the other projects as well, it will become easier for the blockchain-based algorithm to connect the market with the real world as well as connect different blockchains quite easily.

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Public release of Bytom algorithm:

Recently, the Bytom algorithm was released to the public. It was released at the MIT Institute in the United States. It was the 1st event where the Bytom development team actually unveiled the amalgamation of artificial intelligence with its algorithm.

According to the development team, the algorithm which they use is an actually improved version of the algorithms of many popular cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The event was a huge success and it was attended by many different industry leaders.

Trading of Bytom:

Bytom has actually partnered with many reputed institutions. These include 8BTC, Wanchain, Superbloom among others. It has also partnered with Consenlabs. It is currently listed on a wide variety of exchanges like:

  • KuCoin
  • HitBTC
  • io
  • EXX
  • Bibox
  • Etherdelta
  • Huobi

With the increasing popularity of Bytom and more and more tie-ups, it is actually gaining increasing traction. It remains to be seen whether it is able to provide a proper interface between different digital as well as atomic world assets. If you’re looking to invest in any upcoming cryptocurrency, Bytom is a good option owing to the increasing traction which it gets. With the help of cross chain communication between blockchains it will surely gain a lot more traction. Keywords: Bytom, interoperability, blockchain, proof of work, atomic assets, bytom cryptocurrency, bytom mining, buy bytom, bytom wallet, bytom exchange, bytom mining pool, bytom price, mine bytom

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