Sprint $15 Unlimited Data Plan: 15 dollar unlimited plan being offered by Sprint

$15 unlimited plan being offered by Sprint: Currently, the Department of Justice in the United States is investigating whether the merger of the mobile and Sprint will actually increase the prices for the US consumers. Recently, Sprint also announced that it will be offering $ 15 unlimited plan to newer consumers. The video quality, however, will be limited to 480p. In times of congestion, the video quality can go down even further. However, when you look at the cellular cost of $ 15 per month, it is actually pretty affordable. The normal plan of unlimited data of Sprint is around $ 60 per month.

Promotional plan details: Sprint $15 Unlimited Data Plan

According to the company, the promotional plan will include unlimited data, text as well as voice. However, it does not include any of the hotspot functionality. The company will be launching the plan from June 8. From June 8, more details will be available. Since it is mentioned that it is only for the new consumers, it might actually require portability from the other networks. It might not be for consumers who are buying a new sim. As a result, it asked for a certain commitment from the new users.

Sprint $15 Unlimited Data Plan Offer not available at the local stores:

The offer which is being launched by Sprint is only available online or through the phone. It is not available at the local stores. However, one thing which you have to keep in mind that there will be taxes extra. As a result, you will not be paying just $ 15. You will have to pay taxes additionally. Another requirement is that you should be opting for the autopay feature in order to ensure that you can buy the plan.

Sprint $15 Unlimited Data Plan and Limited Time plan:

The company was also quick to add that the plan will be available only for a shorter period of time. According to the company, the plan will be available for just 2 weeks and thereafter, it will not be available to the consumers. While the plan might not be available henceforth but it is assumed that once you are able to get the plan, it will last a lifetime or until you want to cancel.

It all depends on the coverage of Sprint in your area. If it is good enough, it might be a good idea to go for this plan even considering the fact that you will have to put your number. However, if the network is not good enough, it will be a good idea to give this plan a pass. Keyword: Sprint, Department of Justice, T Mobile

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