New Apple Products 2018: IOS 12, MacOS 10.14, Watch OS 5, TV OS 12

In this year at Apple WWDC, there was nothing much announced in terms of the hardware. However, when you look at the software developments, there are quite a few developments which were actually announced. These developments included:

  • IOS 12
  • MacOS 10.14
  • Watch OS 5
  • TV OS 12

There are quite a few announcements regarding the software upgrades. Also, Google has already unveiled its Google I/O keynote. As a result, Apple needs to develop its software further in order to face the challenges from Google.

The developers can easily download the iOS 12 beta version now as it is up for download. Also, the interface for various gadgets like iPhone, iPad as well as Mac have been upgraded. As a result, the user interface is slated to become much more refined and easy to use. This is another development which people are eagerly looking forward to.

IOS 12 confirmed:

The 1st thing which Apple confirmed was the launch of iOS 12. It received the entire redesign as compared to the predecessor and also offers greater stability. In addition to that, Apple is also looking to make the iPhone much faster. The iOS 12 will work on all the devices on which currently, iOS 11 is working. As a result, upgradation will be pretty easy. It is also focusing on security as well as performance. This is the reason why many of the developers actually did not get attracted by the announcements made by Apple.

ARKit 2 platform:

Apple also highlighted the ARKit platform. It also gave us a glimpse into the augmented reality integration which they are planning. The main news was that various brands are already on board like Lego and Fender. Thus, any development in this field will ensure that the number of applications expands significantly.

Photos app:

Apple also unveiled that they will be working on the photos app in order to update it. It will provide you with the search option. Moreover, it will also provide you suggestions with the help option. This will be dependent on your usage of the device.

Even though Apple did not make a lot of hardware announcements for the year 2018 but there are not worth the software announcements which were made by it. As a result, the Apple devices will surely become much more refined and user-friendly in this year. This is definitely something which we all look forward to.

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