Tesla In Space: Why did Elon musk send a car to space?

Space X, founded by Elon Musk recently launched the most powerful rocket in the space. According to the company, this is just the beginning.

The company is trying to create infrastructure for launching things into space. It is trying to create an efficient way for propelling things into space. Even though this is the very 1st step but scientists, researchers, as well as the business community, are pretty elated with the successful launch. The rocket took off as planned and accomplished what it was designed for.

Propelling the car into space:

However, another reason why the launch was so significant was that with the help of this rocket, Elon musk propels his car in space. Not only that, he was able to live stream the pictures of the car floating in space. Not only that but the boosters actually landed on Earth after propelling the car in space.

Why has it got so much attention?

This is considered by many as a step into the future. Moreover, this also indicates that the companies in United States can build powerful and efficient rockets quite easily. Eventually, this will help Elon Musk realizes the goal of colonizing Mars. This is the reason why this launch is gaining so much attention.

Another reason why it has got so much attention is that it is the most efficient rocket which is being launched in recent times. As a result, it can be a step forward in space tourism as well as space exploration.

Moreover, the reason why it got such high attention is also due to the man behind the launch. Elon Musk has a magnificent persona in himself. I. Each and everything he does is grand and is against the conventional opinion. Thus, when he sent his own car in space, it was actually a symbol that space exploration is actually possible. The publicity stunt became viral and was able to garner the attention of millions all over the world.

Why space X?

Many people are also asking that why space X made with the launch. The truth is that the role of private companies in space exploration is increasing day by day. Nasa is also encouraging the private sector to participate in this space exploration.

Thus, even though it was a symbolic move but sending a car in space actually achieved its goal of making the world realize that the age of space exploration is here.

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