WWDC 2018 Highlights: Launch of iOS 12, Augmented reality,

WWDC was a widely anticipated event. It was expected that it will be a game-changing event this year and will introduce new hardware which might usher in new trends in the tech industry. However, most of the people expecting these kind of announcements were disappointed. That however, does not mean that they are no new developments announced. There are quite a few tweaks as well as small developments which were announced.

Launch of iOS 12:

It was widely anticipated that iOS 12 will be launched at this event. However, many people were trying to get an idea regarding the new features which it would have on offer. In order to combat phone addiction, Apple will be introducing 2 new features. One will be the advanced version of do not disturb. In addition to that, the screen time application will provide you with the data regarding the weekly usage of your phone.

Parents will be able to limit the access which their children have to the Internet with the help of iOS 12.

FaceTime will enable people to handle group calls involving 32 different parties with the advent of iOS 12. Siri will also get upgrade with iOS 12. Apple dropped some hints about the new Siri shortcuts which will be incorporated in iOS 12. Also, Apple stated that Siri will now allow you to create your own shortcuts so that you are able to use the assistant with greater functionality.

Augmented reality:

Apple will also provide developers with the ARKit 2 in order to create augmented reality applications. As a result, it will become easier for the developers to introduce augmented reality in iPhones. According to CEO Tim Cook, augmented reality is the next step towards technological revolution. Also, there will be a separate file type which will be dedicated to augmented reality. It is known by the name of USDZ.

Even though there were no new hardware announcements but the tweaks which were unveiled were actually pretty handy and will make iOS 12 even better and more efficient as compared to the current operating system. One thing which most of the fans are actually underestimating is the integration of augmented reality. With the integration of augmented reality, whole new world of applications will open up for the Apple developers. This is the reason why iOS 12 holds a lot of promises for the future. Keyword: WWDC, Apple, iOS 12

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