Litecoin (LTC) Price Prediction for the End of 2018: Will Litecoin Attain the $600 Target?

Litecoin appears to be on the upward trend in the long run, and LTC enthusiasts and investors are so anxious to know whether LTC will be valued at $600 at the end of 2018. It is of great importance to acknowledge that LTC share many similarities with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Having this point in mind will help us to easily forecast the value of LTC.

The Ever-Increasing Transaction Volume of LTC

After a keen comparison of all the digital currencies in the market, you will agree with me that LTC is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies. It is also good to note that lately, many financial institutions and individual investors are heavily investing in LTC. This is reflected by the high number of LTC transaction volumes day per day.

The Solid Network of LTC

Though some altcoins are gaining prestige and international acceptance each day, BTC is still the most famous digital currency with swelling appreciation of the business advantages that cryptography and the blockchain invention can present.

Nevertheless, that does not imply that there is no room for altcoins to expand and establish their bases as successful businesses. Apparently, LTC appears to be the most preferred option for enthusiasts and investors in crypto world. Many of them are strongly convinced that LTC is the most secure altcoin and one possessing the most unexploited potential.

Cryptocurrency analysts from different financial analysis firms agree that LTC has the capacity to attain new hits towards the end of 2018. Some are even convinced that LTC will be valued at around $500 to $600 range, an exponential percentage increase if sustained.

The 4 Optimistic Features of LTC

Forbes highlights four optimistic characteristics of LTC that will greatly determine its imminent value.

The initial one is BTC’s growths and future trading that spike the price of LTC. In other terms, any positive change of BTC directly benefits LTC, not just because it oozes down to LTC and other virtual currencies, but also because the extra traffic in the BTC network propels transaction fees and clogs the system.

The second feature is the considerable influx on Coinbase- a digital currency brokerage that is currently trending. Coinbase backs three cryptocurrencies including LTC.

The third aspect is the mass adoption of LTC due to its similarities with BTC, faster transactions and cost-effective transaction charges.

Lastly, LTC has recently gained a good media attention, hence the coin enjoys a free public eye.

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