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Regulators approved the first Bitcoin fund management officer in Canada

The British Columbia Stock Exchange Commission (BCSC) approved First Block Capital’s first Bitcoin record. The Vancouver-based financial institution intends to become a registered fund manager and market reseller for the operation and distribution of the Bitcoin investment fund in Ontario, Canada and British Columbia. Canada is one of the few countries that have seen Blockchain and its potential since the beginning. While other countries threaten to ban crypt money and ICOs, Canada is looking for ways to best regulate them.

Crypto Money Investments Welcome Warmly in Canada

According to legal services manager and BCSC Technology Team Leader Zach Masum, crypto-parallel investments attract attention in Canada and are considered a new investment in the country. n addition to these, Canadians have been able to easily access such investments, as can be seen from Bitcoin and other ATMs in the country. On the first recording of the company, Bitcoin investments will be secured and protected. Therefore, transactional activities should be managed and monitored by mechanisms implemented by the BCSC. The BCSC has been prepared for this practice since January 2017. They have succeeded in establishing a Technology team to oversee such work and operations. This initiative is a step taken in order to meet regulatory requirements.

More Risky than Traditional Asset Management

Compared to traditional assets, cryptographic costs pose much more risk in terms of management. Despite this, demand for digitization from Bitcoin and other crypto paradigms facilitates the protection of assets. Bitcoin Trust was launched in Canada in July 2017 in parallel with Bitcoin operations registered with First Block Capital. The aim is to show the rate of accredited investors and the price of Bitcoin. Investors can therefore rely on investing in cryptographic currencies. So the company follows the registration requirements to work safely under normal circumstances. Sean Clark, CEO of First Block, thinks that the process of direct investment in crypto parallax is quite complex. First Block also saves people from this ‘complex’ process and allows them to invest in a much simpler way.

It is possible to access this new investment fund, which the company has created, through NEO Connect. Users can purchase at the end of the day without having to make an extra offer when they enter the platforma and order to ‘buy’ them. People will be investing in Bitcoin even though they are not really buying Bitcoin thanks to this investment fund. This is a service that can attract the attention of institutional investors. First Block was able to obtain the necessary permits from the British Columbia Securities Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission for this new investment fund. Thus, this mutual fund was the first Bitcoin fund to be officially approved in Canada.

The company has started communicating with the brokers that it has been working so far before accessing the fund. The carriers that cooperate with First Block will provide all necessary transfers and the fund will finally be ready to open.

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