The Right Battle Between FINRA and Crypto Broker

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is in trouble of a non-registered sale. Ayre sold HempCoin token representing Rocky Mountain.According to HempCoin it is the first minable coin backed by marketable securities and also the world’s first currency to represent equity ownership. It is also emphasized that this currency represents share ownership. In June 2015, Ayre received a few more rights on HempCoin. The other privilege is that it is publicly traded. From January 2013 until October 2016, Ayre defeated RMTN by making false moves, expressions and omissions. Of course this is also a bad image for them on the market.

If Ayre comes to penal sentence, Ayre will have the right to express her self in front of the disciplinary committee if Ayre chooses not to remain silent. If he is guilty, he will be fined. Compensation also has to pay. In Tuesday’s announcement, it was announced that FINRA would act against a crypto currency. It was hoped that it would, but it did not like it. SRO said they would gather information about the activities in January and try to solve the problem.

HempCoin swindled by disclosing the creation and illegal distribution and making them do more than fake and wrong. Misleading statements in the financial statements are moreover.

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