Football’s First Cryptocurrency By Paris Saint-Germain

The French club Paris Saint Germain is creating a new cryptocurrency system for its supporters. The club has made an agreement with, a block-chain platform for this. Globally, very large sports clubs are gradually beginning to shift to cryptographic currencies and block chain technology. Crypto currencies and the sports clubs that try to use the block chain technology in every sense have joined Paris Saint Germain, France’s biggest football club. The club plans to launch a supporter cryptocurrency for its supporters very soon.

PSG is playing in France’s highest league and has millions of supporters as the country’s most popular soccer team. is a platform where the sports industry is intertwined and the block chain technology is brought together with the sports sector. It is also supported by an initiative called chiliZ. ChiliZ is supported by many big companies. ChiliZ, a highly ambitious platform, has managed to accumulate funds of about $ 66 million by this time.

Paris Saint Germain and will offer a FTO (fan cryptocurrency offering) to their partnership football club. At this point, supporters of the PSG club will be able to get their teams’ cryptocurrency. Of course the club will offer many opportunities for fans using these cryptocurrency. Most importantly, fans with this cryptocurrency will have the right to vote on many issues. In other words, they will be able to vote in the elections such as changing the form of the team, the color, the stadium music, the hero of every game and the hero of the moon.

The project is being spoken for use for next season. But the exact date is not yet clear and there is no clear information on cryptocurrency pricing. In a statement to Dreyfus Cointelegraph, he said he thought that hundreds of millions of fans around the world would be part of this community. At the same time he added that informing the fans and introducing the crypto currencies and the block chain technology in the best way. The supporters cryptocurrency that the PSG club will create for the fans will be bought and sold through the trading platform.

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