What is the problem between the EU and Malta?

The country with the least population among the EU member states is Malta. These days, there are great accusations about Malta. These are illegal Money which is cryptocurrency and gambling. EU is also claimed that Malta sold a passport.

When we look at the Maltese calendar, Fridays are sacred and specific. That’s why they say “good friday” to this day. This year Malta again organized a spectacular ceremony. Thousands of people came to Valetta for this show. People pass through the Baroque cathedral in groups. Trumpets were playing around. There was a great feast in Malta. The men were wearing gowns and the children were walking with flowers on their hands.

All this happens, a famous TV channel broadcasting in Malta was collecting help for children with cancer treatment. These funds were collected for the children who needed it abroad. There was a counter on the corner of the screen. They could see there how much money was collected. Everyone was surprised because there was too much donation. 1.26 million euros were collected. Everyone started to applaud because of the amount of the donation. Later, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat came to telethon’s bank. The prime minister seemed very happy. The day before , there was announcement which is about the economic situation of the country. According to the description,  it was 182 million euros in 2017.The Prime Minister donated 5 million euros. The Prime Minister donated 5 million euros. That was unbelievable, because the amount of money was not as credible. Spectators and employees on the television program were shocked and happy. Unfortunately this happiness did not last long. These donated money came from another fund which is connected with Malta’s Individual Investor Programme. Malta was selling passports to foreigners for € 650,000. Good Friday did not seem like good.

Now,we now know where this money comes from. There have been many people who oppose it. There were many people who did not want to accept this situation. This is officially a fraud according to them. A member of parliament who opposed this situation wrote a letter expressing himself very clearly. He said it was embarrassing and very bad. The social media has shared a lot of things related to this. They have been  shared form as ‘something good can not be done with evil’.

This black-market hiding and selling of passports dragged everything down. The EU has begun to examine this in detail. Legal proceedings and economic investigations continue for a long time. This affects Malta’s economic and political situation negatively. These illegal events in Malta have led the EU members to new work. Now the EU member states began to work to prevent global threats.

In addition to all those information, they were thought that the wife of the Prime Minister was an accomplice. According to the allegations, the prime minister’s wife established a company to make black money. So the case was filed against the prime minister’s wife, but the evidence was not collected.

Unfortunately there are more. Most countries have taken this problem very seriously. Nobody knows how Malta saves itself. Malta’s economic and political relations with the other countries are shaking. The EU is very nervous towards Malta. Now there are questions on the minds. What will the EU do against Malta? As we know there are economic relations between EU and Malta.

Malta has an important place in history. Many tourists come to Malta every year. There are many historic walls and houses in Malta. An ancient city, is a tourist destination. Malta has three small islands. This is an important economic income for Malta.

When we looked at a short history of Malta, there were two major political parties. These were the workers’ party and the nationalist parties. These two parties were arguing about entering the EU. The nationalist party was the ruling party. So they decided to enter the EU as a result of the discussion and they prepared a report.

They argued that entering the EU was a good idea. According to them, Malta’s economic and political future depends on the EU. They started reforming to get into the EU. He has started to develop himself economically and politically in a stable manner. As a result they succeeded and proved themselves.

As a result, Malta became a member of the EU in 2004. After entering the EU, Malta’s economy has improved considerably. Now they could trade more easily with the other EU member’s. Taxes are pretty low. While everything was going well, the 2008 crisis came to fruition. Malta’s economy is starting to deteriorate. After the crisis, the people did not want the nationalist party. After 25 years of power, the nationalist party was taken from power. The nationalist party was replaced by a labor party. Muscat was at the head of the labor’s party in 2013. The EU has scared the power of the new party. They were worried that Muscat would have access to the EU’s financial markets. But Muscat did not do such a thing and he refused. In 2014, Muscat started to make political and economic trips. His aimed to be the fastest-growing economy in Europe. They started a passport program. The government has made a lot of money on this program. Nationalist party supporters did not support Muscat. As a result of a research in 2016, according to the information of  Panama papers, Muscat established two companies in Panama. According to information obtained, these companies are selling passports to Russian people. This claim has been rejected but research is still ongoing.

The same investigator accused Muscat’s wife this time. According to the researcher, Muscat’s wife did the same thing. She claimed that Muscat’s wife  have established another company in Panama for the same purpose. Other than these, she claimed that they use the Pilatus Bank to protect their black money. Despite all these rumors, they could not find any evidence about that.

Investigative journalists did not give up. According to their research, the elite members of the Azerbaijani government have also earned black money. First lady took a million dollar from the Azerbaijan government. All these rumors have been proven. The Azerbaijani president has denied all this.

The journalist’s name is Caruana Galizia who has done all these researches. She’s the most popular journalist in Malta right now. Everyone goes to her site every day and follows her writing. You can find different news on Galizia’s page at any time. She can critically criticize two parties in an impartial manner. She can can indict an officer in Malta because of  immorality. She could find and accuse smugglers in Libya. She could blame Muscat for something he did illegally. She also can claim that Muscat is in the business of cyrptocurrency. This researcher is a very successful journalist. The enemies of the investigative journalist are increasing day by day. The number of cases the journalist has opened is too much.

Muscat filed a lawsuit against the journalist for her accusations. Muscat denied journalist’s assertions. He said everything was a big lie. Apparently, many of the people believed in Muscat. In 2017 again elections were held. Muscat was again in power with a 55 percent vote.

The famous investigative journalist Caruana Galizia was murdered. She was just out of his house before she was killed. According to the research, the cause of death was a car bomb. The journalist’s death has created many questions. Some people blamed the government. Others accused Libyan smugglers. The questions have not found an answer yet.

After the death of the famous journalist, eyes turned to Muscat. Muscat said that, death of journalist was not related with himself and always denied that assertion. After all those events, the journalist’s death was a very important issue for Malta’s future. Now,  Muscat’s claims of corruption no longer belonged only to the party of the allegiance. The whole world is talking about this event. Muscat is still trying to prove himself.

Everyone knows everything because Malta is a small place. The elite living in the country claim to know all the economic transactions in the country. There are thousands of people working on the economy in this country but everyone knows each other. Portelli who is chairmain of the Malta Stock Exchange thinking like that.

Portelli lived in America with his family for many years. Portelli’s family is Maltese. He studied in America and educated himself. Portelli has been an expert on the economy. After he became an expert, he came to the Malta for work. He’s trying to solve this crisis in Malta right now.

According to Portelli, this is a complete irony. Portelli agrees that there are a few economic problems in Malta. He thinks foreigners do all this.  Portelli benefited from theories to explain his ideas. According to Plato and Aristotle, small states do not commit corruption. Because if they do, it will emerge sooner.  It’s hard to hide what they do. These theories are supported. Another theory is that small states should be more sensitive. It means, small states are more cautious and do not corrupt.

600 million euros were obtained through the passport program.

Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, the president of Pilatus Bank, which is regarded as a symbol of chronism. This bank is accused of making suspicious agreements with the head of the governments. They believed that this bank has agreements with Panamanian companies. The president of the bank is Iranian. According to the investigations, Sadr founded a bank in Malta. When setting up this bank, he used a passport. This passaport was taken from St. Kitts. As a result of investigations by US officials, they were decided to be arrested him. They claimed that this bank had established it illegally. According to the informations this bank used illegal money. But,  Sadr denied all the rumors. After he was arrested, Sadr  was released on bail. After all this, Malta did not want to work with this bank economically. However, because of the financial work between the bank and Malta, they can not stay away. According to another research; In 2015 Sadr organized a wedding. Among the invitations of the wedding there were Muscat and Muscat’s wife. The money obtained by the passport program was saved by this bank. As we know already, the bank’s president is Sadr. This event is also confused our minds. According to the July report, it was alleged that the documents presented by investigative journalist Galizia were forged. The signatures on the documents did not belong to the real owner. They said it was a lie that the investigative journalist threw there. The family of the investigative journalist is behind the statements of Galizia who was killed.

When we look at the result of all this, there is a great crime claim against the government. Although they deny all these accusations, these rumors seem to last for many years. Now the states that will want to trade with Malta will think twice. Muscat and its supporters have tried to be calm and logical. Instead of exacerbating them, they have left it. They continued with the passport program. Muscat announced that he would never give up and continue. Muscat, who saw everything as a race, said he is going to win that race. In addition, he said that, Malta will be always succeed.

Muscat believed that, crypto currency in Malta will be very successful. He explained that he will redesigned the crypto currency. His aim is doing all this legally and being a first in Europe. He made a deal with a big crypto currency company in Hong Kong. This crypto currency company has reported to move to Malta.

Malta’s richest and most popular city is Sliema. There are hundreds of yachts and boats in the port of Sliema. When we look at this port, we can see colorful boats and luxury yachts. There are also many splendid restaurants in this port. When we look at this situation, we can say that Malta’s economic situation is very good. The variety of economic opportunity increased. Today, Malta is important for the EU. These advances in the economy have also affected the construction sector positively. As the construction sector progresses, real estate agents also multiply. Many home prices in Sliema are increasing day by day. There are also many requests for these houses.

Today, thousands of young people come to Malta. These young people are working in game companies. These games are played on internet. Play poker and luck games on the Internet. They also play gambling. Now young people come to the Malta for doing this job.

There were very few games in Malta last year. Today, there are more than a hundred kinds of games. This growth is a huge success. Malta has developed this game sector legally. Malta is the first country to do this in the EU.

When we examine the passport application, the support of these to Malta people is very low. Nobody can find these people. They seem to be hiding themselves. These people entered among other citizens. According to newspaper reports, he says these citizens are fraudulent in other countries. In addition, these people is not living in Malta. Thanks to this passport they are infiltrating other EU countries. These people do not live in their homes that they bought in Malta. According to realtors, water and electricity are not used in these houses.

Malta’s economic situation has almost reached peak. Despite all these events, Malta is headed towards success. The EU says that Valetta is the cultural capital. He says that the success of a small country is great. Malta is rising day by day in political and economic terms. Cultural celebrations are being held in Malta’s capital. The income that the country provides from tourism increases day by day. New archaeological museums are opening and developing themselves constantly.

One day, as tourists wandered through the archaeological museum, they listened to the history of Malta. The finance minister took a microphone and said, , I will continue to struggle for our country. I am proud of my country. The minister of Malta particularly talked about the black money. The minister informed that he paid much attention to this issue and he stated that Malta would regain its reputation.

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