US put a ban on to the Crypto Fund


Yesterday, as a result of research that the US did, US has punished the  Crypto founder and Timonthy Eneking. The punishment was $ 200,000. There has never been such a punishment until today. This is a first in the Crypto world. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to punish that Crypto founder and Timontht Eneking. The reason for this punishment is; misinformation. When we look at the numbers, we see differences and changes. In other cases, this fund is not in official documents. The US thinks this fund is doing something that is not real. So, they were against the law. After this charge, the company had to stop working. They accepted  to pay $ 200,000 . But they did not accept their mistake.The accusations against them are still denying.

Apart from this company, another company was punished. The name of the company is TokenLot. This company was fined $ 471,000. In the same way, they accepted to pay the money but they did not accept the charges.

Another punishment was made to the  HempCoin. But this is not official statement yet. According to the allegations, they are doing illegal works. They said that they distribute Crypto money in unlawful ways.

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