The case is resolved between the R3 and the Ripple

Ripple and R3 are new Blockchain  companies. There were some problems between these two companies. They sued each other. When we look at the outcome of the case, we can see there is no problem. So, they agreed with each other.

One of the founders of R3 send an e- mail. He said that; there were no problems between them anymore. In additon, he said they had a secret deal and they would not explain it. He explained that all of their problems until today will end.

The reason for the problems between the two companies was the crypto currency dispute. R3 was a deal-maker and helped to sell crypto $ 0.0085. Normally this is $ 0.26. So we can see a commercial partnership. It was announced that the case was dissolved in the California courts.

Ripple also claimed R3  that some consortium members, including, Goldman Sachs and Banco Santander, hid their desire to leave the group, even though they promised to support the use of XRP in their own companies.

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