Will Litecoin Recover Before the End of 2018?

Predictions for the general markets have been abnormally ugly for many crypto markets, particularly as bears persist to release beatings. Some financial analysts have been unconcerned, for instance, the Wolf of Wall Street declared Bitcoin to be “dead.”

The Value of Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin has not been spared in the crypto storms that have hit the market since March 2018. Indeed, it is true that many cryptocurrencies have transacted in the red for the better part of 2018 and prices have dropped to new lows.

LTC is among the major currencies that have experienced the full wrath of the price massacre. In January 2018, LTC was valued at above $230. An earlier prediction had projected that LTC will be valued between the range of $500-$600 by the end of 2018.

LTC Will Shot Up Again by December 2018

It is an acknowledged fact that the crypto market sloppiness may persist, but the LTC market will bounce back in the next three months.

In connection to that, the anticipation is huge investments are about to hit the crypto markets once again. Now, the question in the minds of many LTC investors is whether these positive developments could be driving LTC up for an exponential gain before the end of 2018.

Seemingly, from the look of steps taken by the Litecoin Foundation and the whole community, LTC will rise again within the next three months. Below are some of the major indicators of LTC’s imminent rise.

The Pay with LTC Campaign

This is a giant marketing approach that is enticing more investors and businesses into employing Litecoin in their daily transactions. The campaign has already yielded fruits as more businesses and investors are using Litecoin payments.

SEC’s Policy

SEC’s clarification concerning Bitcoin and Ethereum is thought to be advantageous to LTC. For a long time now, LTC has been labelled as a lite form of BTC. Thus, if the SEC again declares that Litecoin too is not a security, investor trust will grow. The CBOE and CME could consider presenting LTC futures, potentially supporting its price to exponentially rise.

There is much to say that the present drop in value will give rise to LTC skyrocketing again, if not to its all-time high, then late December values of more than $200.

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John Makori is a cryptocurrency writer with background in IT and journalism. He has lived in different countries, and settled in Canada. He has more than 4 years of experience working as a journalist with interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. He’s passionate about learning Blockchain technologies’ potential to reshape all aspects of our lives. He joined TheOofy as a writer.