Development of Huobi Group by Japan Spreading and Developing for Cyrpto Exchange

The Huobi crypto currency company decided to improve itself. He decided to work with Japan to be more successful and more profitable. So he bought BitTrade. If they spread to Japan, they think they will succeed. They will trade with Japan. These agreements are being made in legal ways.

They made an announcement last week. Apparently, the two companies have agreed on each other. This deal between Huobi Japanese company and BitTrade company’s owner Eric Cheng will bring positive things. BitTrade’s owner, Cheng, has agreed and signed the agreement.

According to recent reports, BitTrade company is a very famous and popular company. BitTrade has 16 exchange currencies with licenses. BitTrade is a Japanese company. In addition, BitTrade, a member of the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association, proves to be a highly reliable company.

Right now, Huobi prefers to keep secret to the contents of the agreement. They refuses to answer to the questions that they asked. In the following days, we will see.

According to previous information, Eric Cheng has done a lot of trade before. He bought FX Trade Financial. This is an important information because BitTrade is working on this company. So, they are related with each other.

Chris Lee who is  the key founders of Huobi made an interview and he said that; He worked so hard until today and  this deal we made today will bring us better places. We are very happy to work with this licensed company, which is approved by the Japanese government. So this deal is just the beginning for them. He also said that the crypto-currency companies would be the best in that trade sector.

Following the agreement, the renowned SBI Holdings in Japan abandoned the HuBiO and SBI’s newly launched VCTRADE crypto trade in 2017. Agreements were being made and everything was in the way. Hololding told me you had other plans. In January, Coincheck said he preferred to use in-house resources to set up a security system after the hack.

As a result, a licensed trade has been made between the two companies. The takeover of the company, Huobi, over 60% of a public company listed in Hong Kong, with a move in front of a possible back door list for crypto exchange, for $ 70 million are pursuing purchasing efforts.

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