LiteCoin (LTC) Price Estimates

We would like to share with you the recent work on this page. In this text when you examine the graphics, you can see the level of  LiteCoin (LTC). After all, this should be important for you because you are trading and there may be ups and downs in trade sector. You must be careful and investigative.

LiteCoin (LTC)  Estimated values for medium term

Strength Levels :  $60, $70, $80

Abutment Levels: $45, $35, $25

On September 11, there were declines in LiteCoin (LTC)prices. The prices were going to go down. At the end of september the prices began to rise and fall. When we look at the graph, we can see this fluctuation. These fluctuations in the crypto currency; going and down around 50 $ respectively. When we compare the crypto currency with its previous values, it is low by a great margin. Almost the prices was  close to of $60 and $50. People who work with this company should be careful and think very well. When we look at the chart, it’s possible that the price will can fall below $ 50.

Besides all those, when we look at the graph, the MACD line is below zero. This also means that there is a great difficulty at the same time. Because the MACD should not be below zero. The researchers conducted a 12-day review. When we look at the results of the 12-day review, we can say that LiteCoin falls under the EMA. We can say that the same result is reached when 26 days’ review is done. It is also useful to examine the power index period. When we look at this period, we can see that it is at level 29 in the 14th period. In this regard, we can understand that the sales issue needs to be controlled. Otherwise, worse results can be ocur.

LiteCoin (LTC)  Estimated values for short term

The Crypto Currency researchers additionally created a chart. This chart reflects what happened in 1 hour. If we examine this graph, we can say that the LiteCoin is still in a decline. We reached almost the same result as the other graphic. The 12-day prices were examined, and then the 26-day prices were examined again. The result has not changed.It is still under the zero.

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