Economic Forum: Blockchain Can Add $1 Trillion To World Trade!

According to a World Economic Forum report, Thursday (September 13th), distributed ledger technology such as block-chain (DLT) could invest $ 1 trillion in new trade over the next decade.

The report published in collaboration with Bain & Company, evaluates DLT prospects within the global trade finance industry.

Long-term trade financing, which is an increasing focus area for innovation, continues to rely on today’s increasing technology.

“Distributed ledger and other technological innovations promise breakthroughs in trade and supply chain financing, reducing costs and ease of usage,” said the report.

Among the findings, the WEF and Bain will lead to new commercials and will help to close the $ 1.5 trillion current account debts.

Meanwhile, the WEF report includes similar signals for governments. The organization argues that structures like the European Union, which embraces DLT, are inevitable.

it concludes:

“As some governments are already beginning to make these moves, delays will become increasingly disadvantaged.”

Bain isn’t stranger to blockchain. In June also seeing major cost benefits for banks who adopt some form of the technology.

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