Renewal time for Ethereum

Renewal time for Ethereum Nowadays, the sales pace was pretty fast. Now they have begun to take control of their sales. Ethereum is a Crypto currency and presented to the market in the form of ETH. In in June , Ethereum crypto currency started to fall. They did not work well with bitcoin. We can say that Ethereum performance is lower than  Bitcoin.

According to the research that we have done, after the fall in June, they started to rise in September. Ethereum made a lot of effort to stay fixed at $ 200. Sales increased by 9 percent. The price was worth 188 dollars. Ethereum is making a great effort to return to its former form. Some tokens were affected by the rise of the ethereum. We can sort these tokens as follows; Decentraland (MANA), VeChain (VET), WanChain (WAN), Aion (AION), ICON (ICX), 0x (ZRX). The prices of these tokens increased between 10 and 20 percent.

The markets are trying to save themselves

We can explain the meaning of this to you. They are trying to fix these accelerating markets. Despite all the work done, if we look at the last 3 months, we can say that the situation is still the same. Again, when we examine the current situation, Bitcoin continues to increase. (2 percent increase) So the price has risen to $ 6,400. As a matter of fact, we can say that they lost a little value. These rapid changes and fluctuations in September caused price increases.

If you look at the general situation, the crypto market has been doing some tests since the month of February. These tests are done with the aim of providing balance. The crypto-market has tested several zones more than once. These regions were worth $ 200 billion. They tried to make some adjustments. As a result of these reviews, Bitcoin did not change much. So, it continued to be low prices. But other platforms are making efforts. These platforms are; Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and other platforms.

When we look at these results, there are minor changes in Bitcoin. When compared to other markets, this is not good for Bitcoin employees. When Bitcoin is in this favor, we can say that other platforms are  in a difficult situation. In this period, the crypto currency market is very mixed.

Alex Kruger, who is working on this subject said that; “Volume that extreme speaks of exhaustion and ‘a’ bottom. Similar exhaustion volume can be observed in Binance, Bitmex and most exchanges, both against the USD and BTC.”

According to the researcher, there is hope for Ethereum, which is greatly influenced by the situation in September. The reason for the decline of the ethereum was the rapid movements and changes in the market. In the coming months, Ethereum will fix itself and continue to improve. He also said that Ethereum has fallen but this company will rise.

Researcher Kruger has added that the value of ETHUSD depends on BTC. If BTC continues to rise, ETH will be more difficult. Everything depends on the value of BTC.

What will happen?

If we look at it in the end, we can not say good things in the crypto-currency world. The work done for the corrections does not give good results. More time is needed to recover the market. This recovery does not necessarily mean that everything is getting better. We are talking about a medium-term recovery. When we look at to the long term, Bitcoin and Ethereum will continue to go on the same level. Their token prices will continue to be low.

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