Huobi is expanding with a Japanese company

Huobi bought a licensed Japanese crypto exchange. Huobi develops itself. It’s getting better every day. This platform that Huobi bought is a very good platform. Huobi’s goal is to be known by everyone. They want to show itself and it’s success  to all over the world. According to current information, they bought a large part of BitTrade.

Currently Huobi is located in Singapore. But this company is a Chinese company. It was founded in China in 2013. After it was established, it had gone to other countries over the time. These countries are; Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and the United States. Having made great progress over the  time and  Huobi is on it’s road to success.

Huobi has already proved itself to the world

As far as examining Huobi’s success, Huobi has always been successful since it was first established. Huobi has already entered the world rankings. We can always see Huobi in the list and in the top five. It developed itself very much by the domestic token trade. There are now $ 1 trillion in Huobi accounts. At first times, domestic token trade of over $ 1.50 as listed at CoinmarketCap.

According to research, Huobi set up an office in London. Huobi also wants to enter the European market. The stock exchange office opened in London and  can be reached on their purpose. The stock market is expanding and growing day by day. Huobi’s preference to London for the first time was to provide easier access to the European market. They  are trying to expand logically.

In addition to these, BitTrade will make it easier for them to get what they want. Everything will be nice thanks to this Japanese exchange company that Huobi has bought. The reason why Huobi makes this change is the theft events of the past years. A $ 530 million money was stolen in Japan. Because of this, Huobi wanted to guarantee itself. So they decided to work licensed. Along with all these, they also work with 16 licensed exchange companies.

How expansion is happening?

Following this new purchase, Chris Lee, the Secretary and Chief Financial Officer for Huobi, said the company has expanded geographically. Because of this expansion, the company needs to benefit from more networks. They decided to work with Eric Cheng who is a owner of BitTrade. Eric Cheng’s company is an international network company.

Chris Lee said that; “We strongly believe in the synergies we can create through continued investment into R&D, and compliance, backed by our world class security and local operations teams across the globe. Leveraging on BitTrade’s leadership team and its Japanese government-approved license, this is just the beginning as we look to grow BitTrade into the most dominant player in the Japanese cryptocurrency market”.

As everyone knows, Cheng is a very popular and successful operator. Thanks to him, his company has expanded internationally. We think that the Huobi company has made a very right deal. The Huobi company will be able to open offices more than one  in the European country thanks to Cheng. We are very excited about what Huobi will do. Because, Huobi works with good experts and big companies.

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