Dogecoin Price – 3 Reassuring Predictions for Late 2018 – Crypto News Today

From these days forward, Dogecoin price is highly expected to rise. There is no possibility to strictly forecast the future of this widely known altcoin, but the market will clearly take a position upwards. You can see the three charts below ranked by bearishness and bullishness.

Three Dogecoin Price Predictions:

#3 The Potential Revival

There has been an upwards tendency in DOGE’s price within the last couple of weeks. As of the first part of September 2018, there has been a powerful trend upwards, although this seems to be resisted somehow. The future of elongated cryptocurrency moves is hard to determine. On the other hand, for Dogecoin, appearently, a dip is not always a drawback.

A user, called Mycotoxin, shared a chart on tradingview, indicating that $0.0063 is a key support level to be most likely broken. In this case, following weeks will face a correction, which may be as sharp as to $0.0021. This seems somehow bearish, but a similar trend would turn its price to levels prior to this current keen momentum. In this respect, under these circumstances, it’s a possible sccenario.

#2 Completion of the Third Wave

BuyPennyCrypto shared an intriguing chart. This analysis reveals that the Dogecoin market has a three-wave pattern now. According to this chart, within the upcoming days, we will see a final pump with highly interesting results. ~200 Satoshis, the expected DOGE/BTC level, is a really attention-grabbing step, which may be resulted from this very last push.

The price may not hit this target since this will highly affected by other cryptocurrencies within this period of time. A surge to 192 Satoshi is somehow possible for Dogecoin, but 220 will also be not surprising. Then, it would be safe to think of a substantial correction, but the longevity of this downwards movement is hard to forecast.

#1 The $0.21 Gamble

Dogecoin community has kept its ambition unlike others. CryptoManiac101 has an interesting prediction, claiming that the DOGE price will rise up to $0.21 in 2019. This is really possible, the chart is still keeping its reliability. The date that this chart was published is late June, and the price has maintained its predicted trend upwards to a point T.

No doubt, such a substantial momentum is difficult to forecast. A rise-up in Meme coin to $0.21 would need a 300-fold increase within the upcoming months. It would surely reach $210bn market cap under such a big DOGE supply and its market cap. Although it seems maybe not possible, there are different price forecast worth noting.

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