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There are only black and white for Ripple and its native XRP asset. It is loved or hated by the cryptocurrency community, there seems no middle ground to exist. Under even these circumstances, Ripple price is highly expected to move upwards. You can see in the following three charts that before the end of 2018, there is going to be a sharp movement, upwards or downwards.

Three Ripple Price Forecasts:

#3 XRP to Hell in the Short Haul

XRP seems bullish or bearish, beyond belief, to people, whom you would ask. The value of Ripple’s native asset is now 1/10th of its peak after being pushed by the price correction of 2018. According to a trader, Kdibb85, this is just the beginning of a sharp decrease in the XRP price. He indicates that for now, there is no bullish trend regarding the XRP price.

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In this respect, XRP price is expected to keep its track to down to the $0.01 level or even lower before the end of this year. Some may think that it is rather bearish without a ground although this manifestation is not unrealistic. This year, the XRP price is the first to recover after a dip, and over a long period, substantial benefits may be possible with its capacities.

#2 Off the Downward Trend

It is evident that the Ripple price is somehow clogged in a downward track. On the other hand, in today’s market, this is valid for all cryptocurrencies, assets, and tokens. With regard to XRP, this trend seems to get finally broken. No one can know for sure if its value could be maintained above $0.27.

If it could, the XRP price may start to head upwards again. Although the value, which may be reached, is not addressed by Tilen_tradershub with any real forecasts, a push to $0.5 may work like a charm. However, only if there is a powerful momentum behind the next XRP rise-up, this position would be possible to be maintained.

#1 A Vivid Support

These days, it is really hard to get any realistic support levels for the cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets. $0.314 may seem an upcoming support level for the Ripple price. And within the next week, it may try to breake $0.35 once more.

EasyMarkets indicates that it will be worth to closely watch XRP for breaking the $0.35 level, which is apparently a hard resistance to break. If so, this would mean a recovery phase for any and all markets. This is somehow imaginable.

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