6 Most Popular Crypto Projects Ranked by 90-day Commit Activity – Crypto News Today

The first priority is to ensure the potential growth and evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. These are intended to become more and more competitive and solid by numerous developers working on them. In this respect, over the last 90 days, there has been a bouncing developer activity flow for the following six currencies. OnChainFX’s statistics.

#6 Zilliqa

Some projects have started to interest in Zilliqa over the last couple of months. When comparing to other coins, such as Ethereum, this is a scalable blockchain infrastructure. Besides, there has been ongoing upgrades and small alterations in the project. Over the last 90 days, Zilliqa, having a commit activity of 754, seems to be heading to enhance its market position as such. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do except waiting.

#5 EOS

The last couple of weeks has shown a substantial possibility for recovery for EOS. The main net of the project seems to positively affect the situation, and it is understood that it is being finely tuned and enhanced regularly. Within the last 90 days, EOS is the first project out of the list to cross the 1,000 commit threshold with 1,357 commits.

#4 RChain

Being a pioneering blockchain venture means being in need of regular alterations, upgrades, and enhancements. Apparently, the RChain team never stops working on a number of small tasks. Its developers and contributors seem pretty busy on various aspects with 1,403 commits within the last three months. Promoting the competition in the blockchain world has always been a useful cause, and this can be achieved as such.

#3 AElf

Although not so popular and widely known in the industry except behind the scenes, AElf project is still getting stronger and stronger. With regard to this project, having looked at its GitHub repos, which are one of the busiest, some substantial changes are expected. Over the last 90 days, the recorded total of 1,468 commits is way beyond the ordinary.


TRON is expected to be up in the list of 90-day commits by everyone. Like EOS, TRON also has announced its own main net recently. On the other hand, considering the last 90 days, TRON seems to be a little bit more active with regard to the development department. TRON contributors look always ready to give the competition its due, which is good as the competing projects always yield sunny days.

#1 0x

Considering the cryptocurrency industry, the 0x protocol is worth to note as a game-changer. Since this technology started drawing attention of more projects, user feedbacks will help to refine and enhance the 0x protocol. 1,906 commits in just 90 days, which equals over 20 alterations or additions every day, may be the results of these user feedbacks.

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